change is the only constant

Ive been wanting to change my blog url, cause breaddandbutter was so impromtu and to think about it, i didnt really like it. Hehe, so here i am changing to wordpress hope it will work this time round!

I will post my HK trip day 3 part 2 here!
We really took TONS of photos throughout this trip. Uploading them just kills me. But i never like reading post without pictures, what about you? (:

We took a bus from our lunch place to 中环 and head to the peak (:
The journey was pretty long and we had to ask for directions cause those signs on the streets can be real confusing!

And we reached!!

But…. look.

The queue totally makes me wants to puke ):
Like, how long must you wait to get your tickets huh? Was disappointed and wanted to change our plans, BUT we realised that is the queue for the train and skypark!

There is another queue for wax museum!
Well, there is quite a small number of people at the queue but definitely better!!

Happy girls with our tickets!
The ticketing boy is so funny, he made some mistakes regarding the tickets and sort of help us to cut the queue in the end! 😀

This is the heaven train that im talking about.
It is the one and only train available that transport people to the peak.

Well, there is always cab. but the cabbies sure quote a super high price.
cause when we are heading back to the main street from the muesum, the queue for the train was super snake long. Okay.. we still queue anyway. but the pricking cold wind kept blowing into our face. OMG, it’s that unbearable so we had to resort to flag for cab and see if any willing to send us down. AT ANY COST!!

So we got onto a cab. And the fee quote by the cab driver was $40 SGD!
Okay it’s a little pricey, but if you were there without any winter coat/boots/gloves. You will take cab too! Divide among ourselves, not too bad a choice.

Okay, moving on!

Super scandalous yet funny shot!!
Kept me entertained while we are waiting for our turn to board the train. 😀

Finally after 30minutes wait. We are on the way to the peak alr! 😀

The train ride was super steep, like a roller coaster escalating and getting ready to drop anytime. I think that is why my friend lerbecca li was scared? hehehe, she’s damn funny please. 😛

Anyw, only a short 10minutes ride and we are here at the peak!

The view is much nicer when the sky turns dark and all the building lights are up! 🙂

Head to the wax museum!
And they got a really weird rule. You can take pictures with all the wax figurines.
But you have to pay if you wanna take a photo with JACKIE CHAN.

So special huh?

Anyway, this was the first wax figure nearest at the entrance beside jackie chan.
hahaha, nicole kidman! 🙂

All the hollywood stars are super tall. Im like a shortie only.

Angelina jolie and brad pitt!

They even have tattoo on Angelina wax figure. Didnt find out until later that for some of the celebs they actually take measurements from top to toe, the colour of the eyes, skin even teeth before they start to do the wax. Real cool 🙂

Andy lau! Damn handsomeeee.
The wax figurine doesnt really look like him though. I think the older he gets the more handsome he is! 😀

Aaron kwok is there too. Pretty look alike! (:

Cecilia cheung. I think she look prettier in real life?
Someone trying to be funny hereeeee. hahahaha.

古巨基! i think this is one of the best among all the wax!

I like him! Donnie yen, looking good here 😀
Wax figurine later! downdowndown.

This is the steps and process they have to go through before making the wax!
real hard work here, no kidding. They are super pro!

Princess diana, pretty tall and royal (:

Im the royal of the day too 😀

President Mr Obama 😀

The wax museum has got a lot of props for you to play and take pictures with!
They even got a haunted house in there. I was so enthu and all at first but i backout the very minute when i hear people screaming inside! HAHAHA. I heard there are real people scaring you in the house, please weak heart here.

We took pictures with Hilter and Saddam hussein too!

Pardon me, i forgot some of their names already!

Little mozart!


Our minister mentor, Lee Kuan Yew!

“Let us show you the 永春拳!”
Hahaha, us trying to be funny here 😀

I love action and kungfu show.
Enjoyed watching 叶问 one and two!

All my monkeys here!

Johnny depp! (:
Cant ever get rid his pirate of the Caribbean  look out of my mind!
Thats when i started to like him, so eccentric and cranky 😀

Leon Lai! 🙂

Marilyn moroe. Hehehe, i like that wig 😀

And here you have Bruce Lee and his typical yellow tight fitting outfit!

A very lame question for you!
What’s Bruce Lee favourite drink?

Answer is: Water!
Why? Cause “Wataaaaa~”

HAHAHAHA, omg im so lameeee.
okay. period.

Barbie Hsu 🙂

Giant alert!!
Yao ming! I cant believe that someone can actually grew so tall? He is like freaking 2.29m tall! (i just googled it!) 30cm more and he is like almost double of my height alr! T_T

He’s damn tallllll.

Hahaha, my boyfriend.
David Beckham 😀

And not forgetting to take a pic with tiger woods! 😀

Previously saw this quote on facebook or tumblr!

“Don’t Kanye West me or I’ll Chris Brown you and Tiger Woods your mother”
How would somebody be so free to think of all these? lol.

And this is the last picture im gonna share, Elvis Presley!
He looked damn good here! (:

Other pictures at the museum are in sunny’s cam and i didnt upload them to my photobucket! We moved on to take pictures with THE BEATLES, MICHAEL JACKSON. Also pop stars such as LADY GAGA and MADONNA!

All in all, i think it’s pretty amazing and worth to visit the wax museum if you are happen to be in HK! (:

Need to go off and complete my last group project alr!
Till my next post! ♥



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