Everything kept in my heart

Have you check out Tinsel Rack’s Sales post? If not you have to!


It’s only gonna be up for three days, dont regret cause most of the items got grabbed away already! Dont be a slow poke. hehehe.


Our last last morning at HK!
Yeah, i actually shared this tiny bed with my geeeff! ♥

Luckily didnt kick her off the bed. I think i sleep like a log everynight please!
Damn tiring to shop and walk the entire day.

Packing all our barangs barangs before we fly off!
Man, alot of things to pack! ):

Love the big full length mirror at the lobby!
Hehehe, ive been taking OTDs to make sure that i look okay 😀

Head to wan chai again for traditional hk breakfast!

But this time round another outlet!
It’s under lipton tea i guess? 🙂

Omg, the egg tarts here is super nice!

Interior of the cafe! (:

Compare to the previous breakfast we had, we prefer the first one!
Esp their bo luo yao!! So torturing to blog about food at this unearthly timing!

But i love their egg tarts more!
Think i continue to blog somemore i will end up looking for egg tarts for tmr breakfast!

Moving on to non-food items!
It’s shopping time!  We head to Argyle Shopping Mall at mongkok!
We should totally come here on the first day please!! Their boots are below $20!

Hy and i almost killed ourselves because we wanted to buy them since day one.
Very unbearable to wear flats in those weather condition! o.o

And they are soooooo comfy!
We bought them straight away even though it’s our last day!

Abit stupid though. But that girl insist that we can wear them on random nights for supper at changi airport?! Whatever kind of reasons she can come up with. HAHA.

TWINNIE! We bought the nornic knit top at the mall too!
Last day already, we spend money like nobody’s business like that!


Went back to our hotel to pick up our luggages up.
Our flight was pretty late, 9plus i think! But it got delayed ):

I think our trip to HK is damn fruitful huh! But i didnt buy alot of things for myself lor. I bought alot of stuffs for everyone! Heheheh (:

土产 for families!

I prefer the ones i got from bangkok! Omg, the love letters with pork floss and coconut crepe ): i will buy one whole box of it back to SG when i go there in march! I DONT CARE 😀

This store at the airport is damn cute!
They’ve got chocolate and strawberry condoms, sanitary pads, shit.


All the packaging damn creative and nice!
I bought some back for my friends too. Hehehehe, too cute to resist (:

We are kids at heart. See, i told you.
Only the two of them can handle and accommodate to our needs and wants!  ♥

I think she damn pek chek lor. Got scammed

So better check before you buy boots from there k!

We took a series of crazy shots when everyone else are sleeping!
Super bored please. Ive got no ipod to entertain me ):

We spent our new year on the plane! New experience with my girls! hahahaha.
The pilot still count down with us, so cute! We all cheered and after that everyone went back to sleep. hahahaha.

No words to summarize my trip to HK with my GEEEFFS!
Irreplacable memories!

Im heading to bed now!
Hope you enjoy reading our journey to 买东西吃东西买东西吃东西 trip at HK!

晚安 ♥


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