Sugar, spice and everything nice

Taurus horoscope reading- You are far too sensitive and impressionable this week. You can be easily annoyed.

New clothes, sleepwear, manicure, overcrowding malls, cny decorations, goodies red packets, songs, reunion dinner and programmes.
I love all of the above and it makes my cny complete. I love how sissies and i will sit in front of the television watching the count down new year program, paint our nails and getting all ready for the visiting!

Check out how much we bought for this CNY!!

Even my bbgirl got red packet from mummy filled with her goodies inside!
Her love and hate relationship of CNY. I will tell you why later.

My grumpy old man sitting at the balcony.

He’s always the first one to get ready and getting pissed off cause we took way too long to prepare. WE ARE GIRLS WHAT!
Now we know where we got our bad temper from, 😀

Looking lost and sad when she see all of us preparing to go out.

It’s really amazing how she acts like a human, I SWEARRRR.
She barks when she hears my ringtone cause she know ben will be outside my house cause he always have the habit to call me when he reached my place. And whenever we ask her ‘Where is Ah ben/boyfriend?’ She will run to the door and bark! She’s not an intelligent dog but definitely has 小聪明 . Super love her!

Didnt have the time to find a suitable bag, so i just picked up sissy’s photoshoot basket!




CNY schedule has been pretty fixed, first destination is always to my 2nd aunt (aka godmother) house.
But this year with one more additional member to the family!

Lemme introduce to you baby RAYYEN!

Isnt he a darling? I cant wait for him to grow up so that i can play with him!
Hahahah, but i bet my uncle and aunt will spoil him and treat him like a little prince!

Must make sure he dont become a spoilt brat! 😀

‘Dont disturb, i want my beauty sleep’

Everyone wanting to take a picture with the little star of the day! 😀

This is my cousin mabel, Rayyen’s mummy!

I used to tell my mum i want give birth to lots of kids when i get married.
Like half a soccer team i also dont mind, cause i like kids! Not till i know that mummy have to sacrifice soooooo much to give birth to a baby! They are seriously the greatest person in the whole wide world. Be nice to your mum!

Not forgetting to take photos in my aunt house as usual 🙂

She always stuff us with good food, drinks great hospitality. Gotta love her. ♥

Next, moving on to our next destination.

Location: Khatib

Grandma’s House

Remember the times we used to spend our Saturdays at grandma’s house playing catching, police and thief.
Great childhood memories.

Sissy looking super sunshiny with her new TTR butterscotch  dress! LOVEIT ♥

Jessissy’s cheongsam that we got it from FEP while doing cny shopping!

She convinced herself to buy it even though she might be wearing for only once. or maybe during racial harmony day?
Spendaholic she is (:

Lovin Lovin’ my hair colour!!

Especially when it’s under the sunlight :D:D:D:D

OTD: The Little Red Heels’s Polka dots heart dress!

The cut is super flattering and vintage looking.

We wont forget cranky shots! But just one! Hehehe 😀


We hardly had chance to dine together let alone taking a family photo.
Thats why I love cny because everyone will make the effort to come back home to eat as a family.  (:


I got so excited when i saw my cousin playing it!
Hahaha, I thought it extincted already please.

It’s like one of my sisters and my best memories. We collected so many different types of pollypockets!

till we all grow old already and i think we gave or threw them away.
I miss playing it >:

Spammed more photos cause it’s getting abit too bored in my relative’s house.
So bored that i actually fall asleep at my grandma house while watching tv. Like my grandma already, watch tv halfway will fall asleep one hahaha.

Jess and Kat my aunttttt.

If you’ve got sharp eyes, mummy is wearing opulent peonies!

She loves it and grabbed a piece saying that she’s gonna wear it on the first day of CNY.
She is really petite, smallest build  in the family! Cute mom i have 😀

Sissy can really manicured damn well! Like a pro seriously 😀

I have clumsy hands, so normally i rather go to FEP to do my nails!

My most favourite cousin SOPHIE!

Loyal TTR fan here!! She looked super gorgeous in the Bijoux Jewel Bib Dress, dont cha agree? 😉

And before i end this post! I havent tell you how cute is my nephew!! Ryan!!

He’s 1 year old plus now and can dance really well. No joke!
And my cousin sure taught him alot of stunts when they are at home. Hahahaha, he even know how to pose donnie yen’s yong chun pose? DAMN CUTE!

Look at him when Sophie ask him to “Heeheehee”
And he is literally doing it. Cute to the max pleaseeeee.

Why all the kids so cute one?! Next time i want my kids to be so adorable also!
Okay wait for another 6 years then say.

I need to hit the sack already! Ive got reggae class tmr!! 😀



2 Comments on “Sugar, spice and everything nice”

  1. carrie says:

    hi! can i check if the LRH polkadot dress is it low-cut at the bust area there? scared it might be too low for me cos i got not much *ahem assets to show. lol.

    thank you!

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