Things she loves

So, it will be 14th of February Valentines’ day tmr. What will you guys be doing? (:

Even though i kept telling Ben that it is just another day. But i insist that we should do something a little different from other days. Contradicting much? I mean, not to the extend that we should purposely buy gifts but if you know what i mean.

Hahahaha. Man, i still have no idea where will we be heading to tmr. Was considering going to the zoo, but that boy doesnt seem to be very keen. bahhhh. okay, im thinking of making cut out cookies tmr morning! Hopefully i can wake up :>

Kept this gorgeous piece for the second day of cny!

♥ Blossoming Love Babydoll Top ♥

Look at her when we tell her MAGICAL words like gaigai and boyfriend.
Her stun/happy/question mark face, hahaha!

We decided to bring her along to my grand third uncle place at Serangoon! 😀
OTD for xiaobai: Fuchsia CheongSam

And the kids sure love her. Hehehe. But she can get easily tired, like in 2 hours?
Really like a pup.

Mummy, 阿姨, thats me, sissy and xiaobai!
Everyone say that i look like my mum, sissy, jess.
I think got a combination of their features! Maybe xiaobai looks like me somehow too. hahahaha.

Plus granny and jess in!

And moreeeee. My grandfather at the most left.

He’s in his seventies already but super healthy and can do jumpingjack!!
So cute.

My gossip girls 😀

Popped to the next destination!


hahahaha, look at my living room colours and you will know why greenhouse.
Im glad that my room isnt green but YELLOW!

Oooooops, R21! Someone is changinggggg. hahaha. RYAN!!!

JT and jessss!
Someone played overnight mj, that explains why he is snoozing off alr. tsktsk

This is when kid met a dog.

He’s super kawaii!! I swear, he likes xiaobai alot and went to hug her!
You should have see the scene. Super heartwarming and all the fuzzy feeling. Hehehe.

Ryan and his tiny polo tee and jeans!
Everything minimize by 10 times! 🙂

But mum says kids will outgrown them super fast!
Cant wait to play with him again.

The next year i see him, he will know more vocabs and grown taller already!

Attempting to feed xiaobai treat!
She will only listen when you have treat in your hand! She is so materialistic!

My 阿姨 is super cute!
She arranged the finger food in such a way cause she say she cant stand it to pour everything in the tray looking scattered and ugly.

All of these were gone in minutes!
Nomnomnom. Cant stop eating on cny. What’s cny without eating all the goodies and food right?

On diet nowwwwz. Need to shed those kilos 🙂
Alright need to sleep soon so that i can bake tmr!! Goodnight peeeeeeeepz!


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