Oh, you make me smile.

Applying mask while doing this post up! Feel so deadbeat after a long day out!
Skin need some pampering and hydration! 🙂


Wreath of joy tunic for third day of cny!

What do you do when you are getting bored of your clothes? More shopping?
For my case, i think im a lucky girl here! Whenever i run out of new clothes to wear out, im always sponsored by TTR and SISSY’S WARDROBE!! IM LOVED ♥

Once a random guy ask me, what’s your hobby? I suppose all girls like shopping right?
I was thinking in my mind, i dont need any shopping at all. I realised i dont buy any clothes!!

Went to my tang ah yi house for more gamble gambling session!! I love blackjack!
Ben, thom and JT came to join us too 😀

Loving this nordic tunic i got from my HK trip! ♥
Hahahah, check out my boots with the furrrrr.
Of course, just for show! Im not that crazy to wear it out in such terrible weather!

Went to CASH STUDIO KARAOKE located at cuppage plaza on our fourth day of cny!

Super pocket friendly and we are allowed to bring our own food in! 😀
And we sure know how to stuff ourselves with tibits. Hahaha

Attendance check: Thom, sissy, serchin, sop, ben, jess and me! ♥

We only sang for three hours cause we had to head down to meet someone else! ):
Withdrawal symtoms ahhhh. i want more!

I swear i will drag all of them back after my exams! :>

Okay!! Time to check out my cut out cookies that i make this morning!

I seriously thought the dough is gonna fail on me cause it’s so soft and not cookie dough like! (It’s my first time trying  cut-out cookie)
Decided to try it anyway, no harm right.
And it turned out to be so yummy!!  Totally didnt expect that. Hahaha.
Utensils used are very minimum, will share the recipe on my next post! Make for your loved ones! Hehehe.
I miss my bed, shall go to date my bed already. Nights! ♥

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