We are going to the zoo zoo zoo!

Didnt expect him to appear in front of my door steps with a stalk of sunflower early in the morning.
He is always so unexpected and full of surprise.


Check out my sunshine breakfast set!!

Comes with rays of sunshine, box of surprises and spoonful of loves.

Look at this silly boy. This what he made for me as breakfast. So cute right?

Hahahaha, pardon him cause he usually cook PASTA only. He is a true pasta lover.


My boy with her fat little ball of fur. ♥

Look at her snuggling so comfortably in boyfee’s arm! spread some love to her as well.

Hehehe 🙂

I grabbed this receipe online and it turns OUT TO BE SO YUMMEH.
Ben say it’s addictive! You bet, im a great baker okay 😀

The dough is very soft and fragile. But dont worry, once you throw them into the oven they will turn out fine.

Almost throw away the entire dough already!

Hurry hurry bath and get ready to head out!

Super excited when he told me we are going to the ZOO!!


Wore The Angel Sleeves toga in white out. Totally feel like an angel in the zoo.

I love it cause the sleeve is on the right side and cover up my muscular right arm.


Took bus 138 from amk interchange and here i ammmm!

We are lucky that there weren’t a lot of people around in the zoo.
Most are tourists. Well, whose great idea of coming to the zoo 🙂

Took photos with the parrots near the entrance with the help of the friendly staff! 🙂

Spot the cute otters 😀

They are so adorable but they definitely stink!!

Otters have “stink glands” full of a smelly liquid called musk. They leave their musk on the grass to tell other otters, “I’ve been here.”

Tapir, they have really long nose like elephants!

Head over to the white tiger!

And it happened to be their feeding time 😀

I love the white tigers!

I love them, they are the coolness animal that ive seen! Hehehe 🙂

Australia animals, emuuuuu.

They dont really have barrier for the emu and the kangaroos. We were so near to them that we can touch them!
But i wonder if they will bite?

I would like to see the pouch at their tummy! With a baby kangaroo.


It’s a pity that we missed the elephant and rainforest show! ):

Got a little lost even though we got the map, hahahaha like a noobie only!
They’ve got showtimes printed on the map already, all you have to do is to plan your route and head to the destination for the shows! We didnt really plan though, thats why got too carried away when we are suppose to head to the show.

Sunbasking looking at the camera 🙂

This is the rainforest show! But when we reached there it’s towards the end of the show already ):
Nevertheless,  I enjoyed the last part and even went to take photo with the snake!

I love all the animal show! Appreciate how the trainers train the animals 🙂

I bet it took a lot of effort cause i know how  hard it is to train my babygirl!

I think the crew is really funny and attention seeking!
The main focus became on them, not the snake. hahahaha.


I remember there used to be a whole bunch of penguins at the zoo!
What happen to all of them? ):

I thought we missed the penguins and kept walking up and down looking for them.

Critter long house, and we spot these little monkeys picking ticks for one another!


Check out the ultra huge turtle!

I wonder if it’s real? It really looks like a statue! Hahahaha.

Here you’ve got the komodo dragon!

Say HI to the turtles! :>

Follow the route and we reached the KIDZWORLD.

To see the ponies and goats!

I always think that they are harmless and cute little animals. But this time round , NOT!!

This white horse tries to bite when a guy try to touch him!
No kidding, i can actually see its teeth! Horrify o.o

And let’s check out those cute little mehmeh.

They look so cute and harmless eating the veggies yup?

BUT NOOOOO! I think they are only fed when people pay $2 to get a bucket of veg to feed them?
The older and bigger goats literally push and bully the smaller ones! Gosh, totally sadist!

These two goats even fight in front of us!
Ben says they are locking their horns!

Alright, moving away from cruelty!
We saw some fluffies at the other side!

I lovelove the lop ears ones! So cuddly and fluffy!

Went to take a seat to anticipate the animal friendly show!
They showcase their adopted home pets to do different tricks! Very amazing 🙂

Look at him, isnt him a sweet darling? (:
I still dont understand how people can just abandon their dogs.

They have feelings like we do, Im happy that these dogs are adopted and have a home now.
But what about others? Cant help but to feel sad for them. If i become the a millionaire, i will adopt all of them back! 😀

Lots of kids playing with the doggies!
They can do tricks like pressing the doorbell, skipping the ropes and going through the hoolahoops!

The zoo also have a cny theme to create the festive mood!


Ahmeng’s memorial statue 🙂

It’s near the shaw amphitheatre, so we popped over for the SPLASH SAFARI SHOW!

Super smart and adorable sealion performing all his tricks and skills!
Why dont they allow us to go onto the stage to take photo with him?

I would love to! 🙂

Time flies and we are at the last station of the day!!

The Wild Africa animals! WHITE RHINO!

Spell r-h-i-n-o-c-e-r-o-s

Saw the zebras!

And they really got zebra prints on them! Hahahha, making any sense?

Love their black stripes that make them so special! 😀

Leopards/Cheetah/ Jaguar?

They are so hard to differentiate! Hahahah, i took photos of all of them but they seriously look the same from photos!

Giraffes! Learnt that their kicks are powerful and can actually kill a lion.

Zoo is so educational and an interesting place!
No wonder school always hold excursion to the zoo when we are in the primary school. 🙂

Thought that this sign is cute and so oldschool! 😀

So to summarize my valentine’s day, I enjoyed myself from this excursion trip to the zoo!
Think it’s a pretty special and fun idea to head to the zoo on this day! Everyone give me the expression when i told them i went to the zoo with ben. Hahahaha. And i love him for fulfilling my wish (cancel zoo from my wishlist!), giving me my favorite sunflower and self-made breakfast. HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU!

Okay, heading to bed right now.
Am having my first paper tomorrow! Jittery jittery! I hope i do well!! ♥


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  1. vivan says:

    hey, i like your toga. where did u get it ?

  2. vivan says:

    Can u help me check if ths top is stil available? i check the blog, can’t find. i really lik it!

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