Sipping my morning away

-Wild honey is all about beautiful breakfast. All day everyday-
indeed a pleasant experience for a breakfast lover like me.

One fine morning, Sissy dated me to breakfast at WILD HONEY! 🙂
Heard and research about the place quite sometime ago, and i had to check it out

cause it sounded so good! NOMZNOMZ.

Immediately wore what she had launched the previous night.

Eden’s garden secret dress in creme ♥

Flattering baby-doll cut and i love the intricate lace details!

We had to sent mr reddy for service before that and all the travelling makes us real hungry.
The cafe is located at Mandarin Gallery. Pretty easy to locate it cause it’s just beside the escalator!

No place like home.
I love how the owner design the store and layout 🙂

Very comfortable and cozy

You know, you’ll just feel like wasting your whole morning chit chatting and laughing away.

wasnt very crowded cause we went there on a Wednesday! 🙂
Wise choice i would say. because the wild honey doesnt allow reservation!

Lovelove their menu board, chalk written words, pasteries and cakes display
Wooden tiles, decor, lighting.

Im in love! ♥

Girl in polkadot red dress, thats my sissy! 😀
After sissy told me the theme and setup for this dress, i cant wait for the photoshoot that is coming up soon!

-excited- excited-excited-

Sissy got the California breakfast 🙂

Eggs softly scrambled with tofu, yellow and red peppers, fresh

I love scrambled eggs, and they did the way i like it ♥

This is my Mexican breakfast! 🙂

A hearty breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, black beans served with salsa, guacamole and sourcream

I think they left out red pepper? I totally hate them!
As much as the green and yellow ones. ALL OF THEM 😦

I only had half of my burrito and im max full already!
I feel that the serving is pretty big! 🙂

Plus point to bring your boyfriend here! Cause they are like bottomless pit.

Bloated and satisfied!! 😀
Am sure i will return for the rest of the breakfast!

Someone couldnt resist and went for some shopping!
Look at the stripes paperbag that make her day!

This girl got me a knit top from TS too ♥

I have a fetish for knit wear i swear. If only Singapore is a cold country, i will wear them everyday!
So comfy to snuggle in. With a cuppa of hot chocolate. Perfect!

Sat at the bench along orchard road and people watch.
Hehehe, thats what we like to do when we are tired from shopping 🙂

Interesting to see how people dress and match their outfits!
We should do this more often after my exams kay!

Alright, need to hit the sack and start another round of studying tmr!

Cant wait for my last paper!!


2 Comments on “Sipping my morning away”

  1. tingyuan says:

    yo look alot like jessie in the first picture! 🙂

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