A new experience!

So my girls have been discussing about this real cool jungle theme restaurant located at LITTLE INDIAN.
Yup, an indian restaurant.

Met them at farrer park and they are sooooo late 😡
Except for rebec!! Rare case, hehehe.

She’s going back to aussie soon and i will miss her like how she will miss being in SG.
Eh friend, if you are reading this, do take care of yourself when you are alone.

Always remember we are only a text/email/facebook chat, message away! Technology are so advanced now so there is no way you should MIA okay?  Looking forward for you to come back again!! Plan our stayover and outings again (:

I will miss you girl! ♥♥♥

Check this out!!
It standout along the street of little indian! You wont miss it if you are at the vicinity! (:

Took a seat outside while waiting for hy!
Cant wait to go in the restaurant and take a looook 😀

We really felt that we were in the jungle!
Cant believe that there is a such a restaurant in SG right!!

It’s a pretty new place, i love theme restaurants!

Ordered butter chicken and chicken korma.
Both are mild but we all like the butter chicken better 🙂

An additional basket of butter naan!

4 of us shared 3 main course and it made us damn full.

Even though it’s a little overpriced for indian food but i dont mind paying for the experience!
They have good service too!

Alrighty, shall go to bed and sleep till nobody business tmr!
No one shall disturb me!!  MY HOLIDAYS ARE HERE TO WELCOME ME!



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