Define l-o-v-e


Have you ever wonder and feel amazed how some couples manage to last the relationship? Living and facing the same old faces for the past twenty years. A smile always plastered on my face whenever i see old couples holding their hands walking on the street.


All the complicated application to uni is driving me crazy, and my transcript didnt make me feel any better.
Am heading out to do some sourcing plus shopping with sissy! My holidays are here and i shall plan and make it a fruitful one. To think of it, i have  about 4-5months on hand. Hopefully i will be able to find a new job and experience something different (:

Just went to JohorBahru (JB) today with Bennyboy. Hahahaha, he just have an unexplained love for JB. And recently there is a straight bus near his place to JB. Makes him a happier boy. Caught “No Strings Attached”, not bad. Love cliche scenes, thats me. We cant go wrong with romance show (:



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