Im loving her each and every day.
My feelings for her grew deeper as the days goes by.

She knows me the best and never let me down.
I love how she brighten up my day just by running to me when i get home.
Now i know why there is a saying, “Dog is human’s best friend”




She’s my favourite ♥



Random OTD shot before i head to the town for manicure with girlfriend! (:
We are only limited to pastel colours cause we had to work! We are such vain girls, hahahaha.

I wanted this colour so badly, but i have zero idea what colour code this is? ):
pretty pretty tell me please.

ended up i got myself babypink, looks like strawberry milk colour. mmmmmmm.


Heading out to town to meet sissy for sourcing of photoshoot props.
Mission kind of not accomplished? Cause we only got a pair of footwear, some accessories!
Nevermind, you can never get all you want in a single day right? (:


Anyw,I wanted to post some behind the scene photos today, but they are on sissy’s iphone.

So too bad, another day! (:


Im gonna sleep by 1230am tonight cause im meeting the clique tmr!
We are planning to bring our dogs out for some breather!  Great, long day for xiaobai and i.
Trust me, you have to see how excited she look when you tell her that we are going out.

Hee, Alrighty. Thinking of how she will hop around me makes me happy already.
Tomorrow shall be a good day!  ♥



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