Im glad that ive been spending a fair share of my holidays with my pet, xiao bai that is. (:
I dont really treat her as my pet y’know.  She is like our baby sister in the family.

A super spolit brat! ♥

Decided to wear something bright and light to meet my girls!
Plan to head down to some pet friendly restaurant to have our dinner with our furry animals! (:

She loves to hop into my bag, knowing that i will use that bag to bring her out.

Mum insist that she should go for a bathe before heading out.
She look extremely pearly white and fluffly after bathing!

Getting ready and comfy in the bag! (:

Check Candyce  out.
Golden Retriever, i love love their golden fur (:

Her weight is 30 times xiaobai’s.
Overweight 😦 thats why HT asked me for a dog outing to bring her for a walk.
Need to lose some weight~

Ive got an antisocial dog.
Im serious! She totally ignored dogs regardless their size and breed and only goes to human!

Im speechless. Hehehe.

Lazing around at HT’s house first!
BOBS suggests to bishan park cause the restaurants/cafes there are mostly pet friendly!

And we can take a walk before dinner time (:

Her bushy tail, it works like a fan when she wags her tail.

We settled our grumbling  tummies with ACACIA.
They served both chinese and western food.

The food portion are pretty generous and worth the cents!


Date: 05 MARCH 2011


WHEEE, We are going out to have fun again!
After doing some research, Ben and i thought that we should bring xiaobai  to check out
the doggiestyle cafe and the playground located at level 4R of the mall.

This is the play area for small dogs! (:
The weather is damn humid and burning. Thats why you dont see much dogs around here.
But in the evening it’s full with dogs! We are planning to go over next week again!

We had so much fun teaching her new tricks and experiencing something new 😀
She learnt to go through the tunnel and the slope. Im very proud  of her!

This is cloudy. Doesnt she looks like xiaobai?
Cause they are of the same breed, minature maltese!

Only 6months, but very active and bubbly (:

Popped over to the doggiestyle cafe to see if we can grab anything to eat.
It was full house already by the time we went in.

The cafe sells muffins, cookies and some proper meal for the furries!

For human’s consumption.

We bought two muffins for $4.90.
xb only had half of the muffin and she was stuffed already.

Got small stomach space like me.  Heh.

Sent her to pets safari for a shower. I didnt know it was a two storey pet store.
Went to around exploring and bought some treat for her!
But damn, she doesnt seem to like it at all -sad face-


Breed is guinea pig! And it’s priced like $500ish?
Im horrid. Hahahaha.

Settled our early dinner at soup restaurant. -my favourite chinese restaurant :D-
Gotta love their samsui ginger chicken and their soup of the day.

It’s so good that it kept me going back. (:


My holiday has been fruitful and im lovin’ it.
Looking forward to next month, cause it gonna be so exciting and busy!

Till then peeeeps! ♥


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