Oldey old school

All photos are taken with sissy’s iphone, more lomo app.
Love all the effects that make it so vintage.

Speaking of vintage, Tinsel Rack’s shoot for the polka dot dress are theme vintage/geeky.
And i love it. I love everything that gotta do with vintage please.

It seems like there is so much interesting things and stories to tell behind every vintage items.

The shoot was situated at Old School, Mount Sophia road.
Like the name suggest, the school really look pretty old and abandon already.
Sissy told me it is used as people’s office now.
Went there abit later than the crew cause i was having my last examination paper that day!
Doesn’t this reminds you of the pavement of the corridor along the classes?
I miss those secondary school days. Those carefree and enjoyable lessons.
Hehehe. Girlfriend and i will always find excuses to slip out of the class and roam around the levels.
We saw this real cool swing at the basement of the school.
But we belittle this small area, it has an army of mosquito waiting to prey on us o.o
Victim one: DX, the model
Victim two: Kat, the photographer
Victim three. And yes, thats my thigh.
After getting attacked. ):
We didnt really realise how bad it was till we left the place and feel itchy all over!!
Alright, therefore declare my hatred for mozzie.
Im gonna claim medical fees from sissy. Hahahaha.
Preparing to take some fun shots!
Dont they look so cranky and cute? Hehehe.

Applause to the TTR crew please!
It’s never easy to plan and coordinate an outdoor shoot.

Posing under the hot sun and looking gorgeous is so unbearable sometimes.
Snapping shots to ensure that all photos are to perfection.
Styling the clothes to bring out the spice of the apparels
Guarding the valuables for a whole 2-3 hours.

They are sososososo great people!
Looks like only im the bummer around there. (hehehehe)

make avatar

And look at this!

Cause they move and it amazes me?

Hahahaha. And this makes me laugh thinking of how silly dx and mel are.


Alright, thats all!
Dont forget to catch the launch tonight at 9pm sharpppp!
More visually appeal photos developing now at THE TINSEL RACK ♥



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