Like it’s dynamite

Was super packed with activities this weekend.
It’s hellvua busy. Worked at the IT show with bestie and boyfriend! 😀


Kind of fun and crazy working there, especially the last day.
Omg, it’s seriously mad crowded like nobody’s business?

I had my share of new experience of being a sales person.

Sure it’s tiring and lots of effort to convince the customers to buy. But we are all planning to work for the next IT show which is gonna be on JUNE already. HEHEHE.


OTD: TVD’s lace insert embroidery tunic
TTR’s black jeggings

Stole this tunic from sissy’s wardrobe *guilty*
Cause it was a little big for her! So i koped 😀

Check out the jade messenger bag sissy got for me!


gorgeous shade of green right? So uniqueeee! 😀

The bag has many compartments for me to organize my stuffs! If you take a peak into my bag, you will probably faint.
hehehe,  alright! Going to pick up some stocks with my sissy!


Heading to bed. yawnz.


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