I’m beautiful in my way

The long awaited backorder for the Blossoming Love Babydoll Top has finally arrived. (love how the cut and details are so flattering!)
Some extras that some of you might wanna grab before they are gone! (:


Only sapphire blue and jade available.
Those outdoor pictures look irresistibly pretty that i have to post them here!

Hehehehe. Looking forward to Saturday’s shoot!
Went to buy some props that day, looks like we are gonna have some fun! 😀

This cross lace bustier tube top has got many of our friends wanting to reserve a piece for themselves before our launch!
A definite winner this CNY for girls who are planning to go casual by donning a top and bottom combination. More brownie points for this piece because it is able to bring you to both casual and dressy events.
We’ve always loved empire and babydoll cuts for they are so flattering yet forgiving on the figure! A great deal of time was spent while we tried to decide on the colour to keep, so go figure!

Just created a formspring account out of curiousity and to keep myself entertained before i get too bored from work. (:


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