Friends that are for life.

Till one day you will find a person who will pick up all the broken pieces and love you as a whole, wholeheartedly.



Met up with my clique and settled our dinner at WATAMI 🙂
If you havent tried eating there, you’re advise to be there early because the queue will start to form up around 7pm!

Horri-horrible long queue.

The food are very pocket-friendly and they offer quite a wide variety of japanese food (:
I think they only have two outlets, ION orchard and Clarke quay Central.

ION doesnt allow reservation though. We reached there around 6plus and our food was served pretty fast!
Order the set meal for 2-4 pax if you have friends to share your food with. My friends paid $20 each and get everything from the picture above!


Meet bobs (:

I always love how we exchange thoughts and views when we need the listening ear and opinion from each other.

Bestie max!
We are a funny pair of best friend. We dont meet up very often and text each other instead we talk on msn.
Whenever we are free, we would nudge each other and update about our life. (:

Oh, i had their chicken katsu that day (:
It went good along with my bowl of rice.

Normally i will stick to their beef sukiyaki which is heavier on the taste bud.
Nooo, bad to blog about this at this timing. Im hungry already.

HT (:
She’s always stand by me whenever i need someone. These are friendships that are hard to come by.
Seven years and counting (:

We popped by outdoor, (opp 313 somerset) for some drinks after dinner.
And they all laugh at me cause i had ice blended chocolate while the rest of them had alcoholic drinks. hehe.

I love the live band there playing all my favourite songs.
It’s a great place to spend your night there catching up with your friends.
Will drop by there soon to chill my ass off. (:

Alright, im off to do my BANGKOK itinerary already!
5 more days! WHEEEEE, to my shopping paradise. ♥


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