Goodnight kiss

Gonna be so enthu and blog about my 4 days 3 nights at Bangkok, the land of smile 🙂
We are seriously glad to be home, cause we are so homesicked.

Im glad that boyf is getting well from the food poisoning already.
We had our share of spurging our thai baht and this time round, it was rather a fufilling trip!

Getting ready to fly off with a floral luggage sissy bought during her last bkk trip.
Love it cause it’s so preeetay 😀

Anyone tried the huge slide located in T3?
It’s super cool and we almost wanted to try it!

But i think you have to redeem tickets from somewhere. hmmm.

Decided to have our last meal in Singapore at TCC (:
Need to curb that craving of ours.

Our all time favourite!

Basically it’s a pasta dish, soaked in rich cream sauce with chicken and carrots chunks.
We never get sick of that! 😀

Dark devotion.

Im really all devoted to it ❤

Board the flight slightly late, ooops.
Take off at 8.40pm. We damn afraid that we might miss the flight!

Journey took about 2 hours (:
Some books and music to get us through.

Bangkok’s timing is 1hour behind Singapore!
So we head straight to our hotel, MYHOTEL. Not kidding, the hotel name is MYHOTEL okay.
The thailand immigration officer was laughing at me when i put that as my hotel name!


So we sort of wasted our first day cause the flight was cheaper this way.
Slept in and woke up early in the morning to get ready to hunt down CHATUCHAK!

It’s a weekend market and it’s impossible for you to walk through the entire market if you see how big it is.

Wore the TTR’s waterfall spring top in white to kickstart my day!

Get our pathethic breakfast at the hotel lobby.
Hehehehe, we dont expect much because we only pay $20 per pax one night!

Stayed there as well on our previous bangkok trip and we pretty like it.
It’s centrally located because no matter where we cab to, the cabfare is always around 60baht max only!

Which is $2.50 SGD ONLY?


It’s just a very small and cozy hotel recommended by one of my friend.


Havent tried taking their MRT before so i pester ben to take it with me this time round.
The hotel staff told us taking train will be more ideal cause there will be a jam around chatuchak.

So here we goooo. The train station is located behind the hotel. Only need a good 10minutes walk!

But we are damn shocked to see a train track along the way.
And the train is in service! I wonder where does the train leads to.

There are people living by the side of the tracks as well. Im amazed (:

Their MRT red line is named as BTS (:
And  our station is phaya thai. It’s 5-6 stops away from chatuchak.

But the purchasing of ticket might be a little confusing!
You can always ask around and they will be glad to help (:

First stop is to feed our hungry stummy!
upon seeing a little crowd at a small food place located in the market, we thought that we give it a try too.

I had their shrimp papaya salad.
It was pretty good, sour and refreshing (:

But one thing that you should try is their fried chicken!
Their batter is good and the chicken is SOSO tender.

Love this blingbling slipper i got in my first few purchase.
I like it cause it’s so colourful 😀

But ben think otherwise. grr :/

And yes, you definitely have to try this!
Coconut icecream. I hate coconut, yes i do.

But this is so good and cheap! 15baht=60cents 😀

When you are tired from all the walking, you can always head to a massage place
$8plus for an hour of massage.

We totally spam it during our trip there.

Got this turkish icecream after much fooling around with the icecream guy.
Cause someone wants me to go and look like a fool,  so i just went!

Hahahaha, he’s an evil boy.

After much searching and asking around, we finally reached the PET’S SECTION!
Aim to buy new stuffs for my babygirl ♥

The rabbits and puppies are super puny and cute!
The rabbit breed is different from what we have in SG.

They have  really short ears and round body! SO CUTEEEE.

Almost almost bought this princessy bed for her.
But it’s a little crazy to think that i would need to squeeze this in my luggage.

So in the end i bought her a new leash, new hair clips and a spaghetti chiffon polka dot top! (:

bought loads of things and head back to the hotel! (:
This photo is taken when we are hiding away from the oncoming train!
We had to hide in one of the house because the train will hit you if you are on the walking pavement.

Decided to blog half of my day one cause i found it super long and shall split it into two parts! (:
I did up the post and description for the neon dresses today. Hehehe, quite proud of myself here. -gloats-

Love the colours of the dress cause they will make you stand out from the crowd effortlessly. ♥



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