TTR love <3

Photobucket is not working at the moment and it’s pissing me off.
I want to have a decent post.
But anyw here’s me wearing the mod retro skirt in brick and strut down the runway jumpsuit!!
Im in love 😀

Wore this yesterday when im heading to SIM to certified my transcript.

All the way down to certify one transcript. Gosh.

I cant imagine when school starts i will face long bus rides, boring lectures and sleepy tutorials again.

Few more months to go.

 The skirt ends off nicely below my knee, mid calf.

It somehow makes my waist looks smaller too 😀

Pardon me for the messy background. I can’t stand it too!

Im a cleanliness freak


And my ultimate loveeeee, wore it to take a picture and i never want to take it off.

It’s a instant glam up jumpsuit. Look so good on its on already.

It was altered 3inches shorter, but i wore a 4inches tall wedges?


IT’S SO PRETTTTTY and make me feel so good wearing them.

I feel so tall, hahahaha.

More photos of it when photobucket feels like doing work!

It’s another great long weekend, enjoy! Adioooos.

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Listen to me. The human world, it’s a mess

Happily pick out this bright orange reversible tank when sissy brought them back and throw it on!
Saffron orange for summer.

Totally brighten up my day, colour makes wonder!
If you are wondering where you can get them, you can head down to KJ to try them out 😀

So versatile and they help to cover my flabby arms :)!
Paired it with high waist jeans. Have to wear them over and over again cause they make me look taller 😀


Pair it with sissy’s turquoise stones necklace. (:

Lunch at soup spoon after stocking up new items at KJ! :>
Brought little sis along cause she haven’t been hanging out with us lately.
Busy with all her mugging for the upcoming O’s. But im pretty confident with her!

She’s a smart girl, the walking encyclopedia.   😀

How do we look alike? (:

We had velvety mushroom, half beef wasabi sandwich and caesar salad!
You have to try the salad, it’s one of the nicer salad as compared to mac’s  and pastamania.

Hahahahah, Im a salad maniac.
with a small amount of food intake but still grows fat.

Im a piece of lard. 😦

How i wish i can transfer some fats to her.
Hahahahaha, you probably think that she don’t eat.

But she eats a lot of junkkkk.
Both of my sisters are junkies.

Am jealous here. Why doesn’t the blood run in me? The skinny blood? :/

Anyway, head down to NEX to get jess her backpack for school.
Major cravings for frozen yoghurt!

Immediately thought of yoguru and pop!
Here we areeeee yoghurt 😀

I had dragonfruit pomegranate flavoured and sissy got the original one.
But i swear it taste like frolick’s grape?

I still prefer frolick though!
I had my dosage of frolick today when i was out dating!
It’s lychee our favourite, so def cant miss it!! 😀

I love love yoghurt with oreoooo. nomnom.
And the companion makes it better.

When im out with them, i can do whatever i like. Cause no one will be judging. 😉

I love them, sisters for lifeeeee!

More lunch and dinner dates please ♥

Off to settle verification emails! (:

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Side kicks of TTR.

I always love to join and be a part of TTR’s photoshoot cause it’s so fun to be around with the TTR crew 😀
Brought the little fluffy one along, she’s the special guest of the shoot!

Look at her with her new hair clips, she looks very happy and girly with it!
Hahahaha 🙂

She loves to hop into bags cause she reckon that if she manage to squeeze herself into our bag we will bring her out.
How smart is sheeeee 😉

Hiding from chuckie!!
Chuckie was super curious about xiaobai and thought that maybe she is her tea time snack.

Hahahaha, chuckie is another dog of my sister’s friend that will appear in the shoot tonight!
They make the photos alive and interesting, living props 😀

Getting ready to be on the camera!!
In her new cute lil red dottie dress 😀

Couldn’t bear letting her wear it for too long cause of the hot sun, took it out after wearing for 5 minutes.
Too torturous ):

Mustard skirttttt!
My take is on the  brick colour one!

Initially didn’t like the brick, but the more i see it, the more i love it!
Howdy fickle minded?

Love the random car plates that were stuck onto the grey wall. (:
Interesting stories behind too. Hehehe.

I took pictures of the vintage beetle as well. But not gonna put it here cause i have to censored the car plate number!
Very lazy to do that. But anyw they will be in the launch tonight 😀

I love to take a ride in the beetle!!
It looks like it can break down on the road anytime!

Spoilt little princess! :>

Last few shoots before i brought her to the NEX!
She totally cannot tahan the weather.

I go all gaga when sissy show me all the photos taken that day!
It’s so nice and vintage, i wanna faint already.

Hahahahaha. DAMNNNN NICE. 😀

I can really look at the photos over and over again.
Heheheh, nuff said. Catch the launch tonight at 9pm sharpppp okay?


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Loads of love.

Classic old school breakfast to start my saturday right (:
But i hate how the half boiled eggs will stink up your mouth. Hahahaha.

Mummy used to prepare that for breakfast. Yummmmz.

Egg toast with butter and maple syrup (:
It’s so niceeeeeeeee with lots of butter!!

Lover boy’s seafood horfun.
His type of breakfast… is weird.
Hahahaha. Oh well, consider it as our brunch actually.

It’s 11am already by the time we fill our stomach 😛


And it’s our usual date with my baby girl at NEX (:
Even though the weather threaten to rain, but it didn’t 😀 😀

She had a new haircut and appear to be quite moody and listless these few days ):

Check out this polka dot chiffon dress i got her when i was in bangkok!
Smocked back somemore. Hahahaha, this vainpot loves to wear clothes.

Vain princess. (:

Thinking of doing a paw print for her?
I love her paws! 😀

Weather was pretty good today, no strong glaring sun.
Just cloudy.

I’ve got to do more research on new places to bring her around.
Xiaobai is getting bored of NEX, so do i.

Totally zonk out!!
This is how tired she is everytime we bring her out!

Cutecutecute ♥
We are spending our saturday doing the usual stuffs, watching old school 90’s teevee show.
Planning our night, im craving for some chocolate lava cake 😀

I wanna sleep in early today. Have been waking up early these few days and it’s soso torturing.
Im so not a morning person ):

Spending my day with my sissy tmr, cant wait to bake!! 😀
Loving the long weekend!

Till here, toooodles.

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In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.

Picked up my girls and meet max for a lunch date at  Laselle, 15 minutes.
I miss their food so much!! Been long since ive been there.

Love the food and company, what a good way to spend a rainy afternoon (:

The weather was a little chilly, good excuse for throwing on my brown furry red heart throwover! (:
I love love love love throwover.

Love is an understatement.

1) Clams vongole 2) Duck oriental pizza
3) Tom yum seafood pizza 4) Ham and mushroom in pink sauce

Somehow the duck oriental pizza doesn’t taste as nice as the previous time!! ):
Now i prefer timbre’s duck pizza! Hehehe, how fickle minded.

Love 15 minutes anyw (:
For the ambience and reasonable priced food.


I should make full use of the polaroid, i want to paste them all on my bedroom’s wall! (:
But i always got a problem, i am soooooo lazy to bring it out.

Bobs and ht! (:
None of us have cameras with us, so iphone took care of everything once again.

Look at ht fooling around at the backseat.
Still remember the reindeer’s headband TTR use it during the christmas  shoot?

Drove down to ION, bought happy lemon and went to pick sissy up from school! (:


Anywwww, im itching to go travelling again! :O
But it’s really hard to get your butt down to check out those fares. ):

Have a few places in my head.
My girlfriends and i are checking on Taiwan! 😀
Since my boy will be enlisting soon, we want to fly once more before it’s really time for he to shave off his hair.

hahahaha, he’s so vain.
Dont know how is he going to survive this. He’s gonna be a man 😀

Been there once when i was in my secondary school days?
Cant remember much of my trip already! ):

I miss out all the good food and night markets there.
I want to go back and eat my heart out!


Destination two: Phuket
Ben and i are contemplating to go to this sunny island for the longest time!
Especially when the exchange rates are shooting up now 😀

I hope his enlistment letter reach him soon so we can start planning!

Im gonna learn how to be a Miss independent soon when the peanut butter is gone to serve the nation.
Got him a new nick, peanut butter. Hehehehe

Have a goodnight people, don’t stay up too late. 🙂
Im going to watch an episode of Vampire Diaries before heading to bed!

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Favourite jumpsuit, studio shoot till date! ♥

You guys are so going to be excited upon seeing this preview that im going to share here!! 😀

Joined my sissy and the ttr crew for a studio shoot past few weeks, you can’t imagine how much i love to spend my night in the studio ironing clothes. hahahaha, kidding.

I love how the studio is so cosy and the company of course. Anticipating all the pretty photos kat took and how crazy every photo shoot are getting. My life is pretty interesting now, with new elements injected in. (:

Photos below will explain why im so excited!

My favourite soup spoon for dinner 😀
Hahahah, well. Must make sure that my stomach is not empty!

Gastric suck balls :<

Sissy had velvety mushroom.
My number 1 favourite!

hehehe (:

And i had beef goulash.
Sissy’s number 1 favourite, hahaha.

Top favorite from happy lemon now: CARAMEL TEA LATTE WITH BROWN SUGAR JELLY.
such a long name, but you’ve gotta try it!

It’s so good. (:

Make a quick guess what’s inside our props for the day!

Here’s four colours for the new batch of summer love high waist shorts!
Many of the girls (and I) love the cutting of this high waist shorts, was so happy that sissy brought in new colours for it 😀

You seriously don’t know how i feel when i first try it at the supplier’s.

Sad to say, i don’t have the best figure.
Im only 152cm, imperfections that im inferior about.

But this jumpsuit is my life saviour!
Im so exaggerating, but it’s true (:

It made me look so tall, elongate, slim. These words doesn’t ever appear on my dictionary.
The effect of the jumpsuit is so amazing. DX couldn’t stop screaming about it too 😀

Throw on chunky accessories and a platform wedges and you are ready to rock the world.


Totally love the mascot idea!!
Do you do you?!

We’ve got bouncy rabbit, kungfu panda and a huggable bear!

Suan in love with the panda.
I swear we had fun fooling around when dx was doing her makeup and changing.

So irresistibly cute! :O

Photographer bear in the house.

Did you realise kat and i wore the same checkered shirt coincidentally?
Wore the head gear and you couldn’t really tell us apart. Hahahahaha.

It was so fun!

Alright, getting down into so serious business!
Diva DX on the roll!! (:

She got too high when the music was on!!
Used the studio as the dance floor, she really got us cracked up.

Too high on drugs. hahahaha.
I’ve got a video clip, but im not going to share it here! 😛

Preparing to end the shoot with the last few outfits! (:

So how do you like the behind the scene photos?
Hehehe, it explains so much when i browse through them (:
Sissy and i are dead tired today, new shoot for new clothes! Im gonna catch a nap now!

Hope your sunday was good too before monday arrives tomorrow!

Be sure to catch our launch tomorrow alright?!?!?!
TTR will kill all your monday blues for sure 😉

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Spending my gloomy thursday noon with my cutie pie.
Get ourselves warm on the bed and watching vampire diaries.

She’s scared of thunder and lightnings.