My bangkok travelogue

I realized we ate a lot a lot of food on our first day!
For dinner, we head to chinatown (yaowarat) to have seafood 😀

We ordered quite a spread and it only cost us $300plus baht/person.

We spent a good 15minutes looking for this particular restuarant.
This seafood restaurant (T&K seafood) was featured in one of the travel show before we fly off to bangkok.

We knew we had to try it.
It was packed with tourist when we reached. (:

Coke in soda bottle 😀
20baht= less than $1

The price is almost the same in all the restaurants.
They all had coconut drink, i guess you must have it if you are a fan of coconut!

Im too hungry already, so only got 3 pictures of the food!
We ordered prawn fried rice, calm with chilli and seafood tomyum soup as well


Meet my thai-taiwan friend, chialing!
She was our company at bangkok together with adeline (:

Strolled down the street of chinatown and found this legendary durian place!
It was recommended by the tv show for their size of the durian.

They are so huge and so many people are crowding around there.

So we grabbed a seat and tried some!
180baht for 100g. (:

I only tried a few mouthful and i thought that it was alright only.
But if you have the entire flesh, i guess it’s pretty good?

OHWELL, im not a fan of durian!
Go and try it if you love it 😀

Dessert was at one of the bird nest and shark fin restaurant.
We went to the NAM XING.

Price is very affordable as well 😀

End of our food log.
We definitely burst our tummy when we are overseas, hehehe.


Anyw, head down to Kissjane with sissy today!
It was damn crowded with people 😀

It’s located at bugis junction level 3 if you havent had the chance to visit the store.
Love how CK and Jason design the store. The ambience and lighting just make it so right (:

Enjoy your weekend!
Mine’s gonna be so busybusybusy, like a bumblebee.



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