My bangkok travelogue II

Here to blog about my second day at my bangkok trip (:
Realize ive got too many pictures pending in my photobucket!

Ben and i actually plan to go to bangkok on june/july again.
We are so crazy!! In love with bangkok already.

Sissy pass to me this chiffon nude kaftan top before i fly off.
I love it’s details at the hem and how it flatters me 😀

The street beside our hotel.

It’s pretty convenient cause 7-11 and pharmacy is just around the corner  (:

We had our breakfast at black canyon coffee!
Their standard is about like coffee cafe in SG.

Price is affordable as well (:

Someone had Phad Thai for breakfast.
My most favourite dish among all the thai food 😀

A good mix of sour, sweet and spicy.

Thai milk tea, taste a bit too milky for our liking.

My cuppa of hot chocolate
Love their latte art (:

My tuna sandwich.
Never like heavy meal for my brekkie!

We spent our entire afternoon at platinum mall, exploring only half of the mall.
It’s seriously so big, shopping paradise 😀

Beefball noodles that DX kept raving about it.

Crab claw egg noodle that sissy told me that i need to try if im at platinum mall!
They are pretty generous with the crab meat and most importantly, the freshness. (:

Even sharkfin soup is available at their food court. (:

$0.50 icecream that taste sooooo good.

Patpong night market when the sky turns dark!
Didnt know that patpong is kind of like our geylang.

Lots of sleazy pubs around there and you can see bikini girls dancing on the stage :/

The ‘boys’ street, we saw guys coming out from the street with short tights!
Almost got too curious and wanted to go in.

But it looked way too dubious.

I guess this is what made Ben get food poisoning!!
Duck noodle from the roadside stall.

Hahahha, cause i only had a mouthful of it.
Cant imagine if we both had this, we will just die inside the hotel. 😦 😦

This taste yummy though.
Roadside stall version of tori-q.

The grilled chicken on stick is damn yums!
Tender and flavourful 😀

But after this painful experience, i bet my boy wont ever ever dare to eat anything from the roadside stalls already!
My friends are perfectly fine too. hahaha.

Alright, ive got to pack the parcels already.
Jess says i should say TOODLES.

so….. TOODLES! ❤


2 Comments on “My bangkok travelogue II”

  1. lynette says:

    omggz,where did ur sista got that chiffon nude kaftan top?

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