Love makes me fat.

Ben and i always spend so much time thinking of where to have our dinner.
And sometimes, it’s such a headache 😦

But today was a pretty snappy one!
Chose chomp chomp over domino’s pizza!


It’s been so long since i sat down and have my dinner there.
I miss those days where my family would walk over during the weekends to have hokkien mee at our favourite stall.

Sissies and i would always discuss which kind of houses we want to stay in the future when we walked pass those houses located along the path to serangoon gardens (:

It’s just a place full of beautiful memories.

I would never order sugar cane cause i never like it.
Someone is being very evil, ordered a large one so i had to share with him.



My favourite hokkien mee!! ♥♥
It still taste so good after so many frigging years!


Tender and grilled to perfection! ;D

We ordered a stingray as well.
But i dont see any chilli on it? ):

See why they say love makes you fat?
Cause we always eat and eat and eat. Hahaha. But I always force ben to eat more so that i will not grow fatter than him!

Hahahaha, need to do some exercise before i turned into a fatty bombomz.


Have you check out The Tinsel Rack’s new launch yet?
Megajoy label! (Sounds damn cute please?)

You will be mega mega joyful when you wear their label apparels!

Palloncino dress in Paddington yellow and prussian blue!

I came up with this name! Hehehe, how do you like it? (:
Palloncino cause it means balloon in italian!

Love sleeves dress/tops cause they help to cover up my flabby arms!

This is Rykiel’s runway dress.
A perfect date dress to hang out and chill with girlfriends! 😀


Wore something new from Tinsel Rack today and im so excited about it!
But im not allowed to share it now 😦

It’s super gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
I loveeee my sissy. Cause all her designed items are so lovely!

Being her sissy is such privileged 😀
Will blog about it again when im given the permission!

Goodnighty! ❤


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