And i wonder if i ever cross your mind.

I realized ive been diligently blogging recently.
My life is so happening now.



Came back from bangkok and had spent my day with sissy on April’s fool!
Popped by plaza sing and had our brunch at Tea cozy.

If you walked pass this store, you wont notice that it’s actually a small restaurant!
Because they look more like a furniture store from the outside (:

They do sell their furniture though!
So basically, it’s a furniture plus restaurant 2 in 1 place! (:

Tea cozy offers set lunch, dinner and high tea!
Wouldn’t mind trying their high tea the next time (:

Their store is really cozy as the name suggest!

Check out the cutesy tea pot.

Sissay ordered British apple tea!
It was a very light tea but i love love the apple cinnamon aroma 😀

Love love the floral table cloth and chair! (:

We didn’t wait for very long for our soup to arrive!
So glad cause our tummy are growling already :>

Cream of mushroom.
We are such boring sisters can, always choose the safer choice.
Hahahah, but how wrong can mushroom soup go right?

In love with mushroom soup. Even instant one taste yummy! 😀

I had the set lunch and chose roasted chicken with cheese sandwich!
It comes with soup of the day and a lemonade (:

Sissy’s prawn aglio olio.
TCC’s Aglio Olio is better hands down!

I preferred to have it in spaghetti and TCC’s prawn is so much nicer :D:D:D

Went to check out newly opening KISSJANE outlet located at bugis level 3! (:
It was filled with people on their opening!

Lovin’ our signboard and new logo ♥

Sisters from Megagamie!

Sissy is being so hilarious that day to tell Vera that Ben and I are going to get married in 2 years time and ask if she wish to attend my wedding. And she is silly enough to trust my sis! She’s so cute and funny!!


I love to keep a blog because it helps me to keep track what ive been doing for the entire week.
I’ve a memory of a goldfish. Call me goldy.

So more to come because i forgot everything!
Tooooodles! :*)


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