behind our hard work

Goodmorning children, today we are going to do some handicraft.
We are going to build a garden!

Materials needed: Artifical grass patch

: Mini wooden fences

: Cute little black board stick

: Super models

Okay, enough of my nonsense! Hahhaha.
So sissy, kat and i went hunting for grass patch at daiso.

You don’t know how much  pain and sweat we went through, just to get the correct amount of grass patches!
Hahaha, we practically bought the entire DAISO’s company aritificial grass! Say yayyyyy 😀

Wooden fences! Dont they look uber cute? 😀

What’s a perfect photoshoot without happy lemon?
Our new favourite: Caramel tea latte with brown sugar jelly!!

Had that for yesterday’s dinner. Hmmmmmm.

Sissy attempting to do it up.
Calls more people for help!!

TTR Team to the rescue!!
It’s so not easy to do the grass patch up! D:

It looked super easy can, but the grass patch can be real rough and prickly.
We all ended up with bruises!

Cute mini blackboard stick to spice the garden up! (:

Finally.. All ready for shoot! (:

Scattering some flower potpourri! (:

Dont they look so good with the set up? Hehehehe.
By the way, i love this floral shorts that should be up in the upcoming collection!!


Poor eeyore had to follow me, cause i have to do some verifying of payment at the studio!
Im hardworking! hehehe.

This look super spring with all the potpourri flying all around!
TTR definitely has the best visual effect! 😀

This is the lace cottage dress that is a manufacture piece that gonna launch on this Sunday! (:

TTR two great models! Mel and DX!

Love how they always crack me up! ❤

Remember the pretty potpourri?
Someone had to do the dirty job to clear the studio up!

But i really salute and admire my sissy.
No one can ever to as creative as her.  (:

Whenever she tells me about her crazy shoot idea, it will definitely brighten up my day and make me all excited!
Her effort and love for TTR is incredible.

She makes online store a different experience for her shoppers and i believe everyone can see her hardwork through all the TTR launches.

Awww, too proud of her already.

I love her ♥


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