Livejournal still refuses to work ):

The Tinsel Rack will be launching on: The Tinsel Rack WordPress for today instead! (:
Wordpress for the win!  Saviour!!

Pretty lace cottage dress and casual summer/spring apparels awaits, you can’t miss this launch!


Since im already here, i shall update this little space before the collection launch!

Meet suan (vogueswagen’s photog!)
We had a photoshoot before i brought the little white fur out to her playground! (:

Totally cannot wait for the collection to be launch already!!
Gets impatient because all the shoots are so damn gorgeousssss, no kidding 😀

Baby girl with her new hair clip i bought for her!
Instantly look super girly and cute ❤

Saw this super hyper toy poodle there!
I love love the fur colour, chocolate brown.

Looks damn yummy. Ooooops 😛

The weather is so screwed up.
when we are about to reached nex, it started pouring so heavily!

Damn disappointed, but when we reached the rooftop it’s sunny again.

So freaking hot till i think im tanner by one tone already o.o

Meet my little sissy! (:
People say we look alike/look like friends, what do you think?

Im always damn happy to hear that  cause we are 4 years different age gap!!

Chasing chasing after xb’s pipi.
This doggy is like the first being so enthu with xb, the rest would just ignore.


Basking in the hot sun, looking cherry and happy here (:

Look at this hyper dog will you?
I love hyper dogs, hahahaha.

A bit too hyper cause he scratch jess’s entire thigh!

So cuddleyyyy.

The only place we can go for a drink is the nearest pet friendly cafe, doggiestyle cafe! (:
They do provide doggie meals and snack as well.

A quick peek at the menu!

It’s soooo good to be in the airconditional room after playing under the sun!
Even xb is enjoying it! She loveeees aircon! :O

A picture with her favourite boyfriend!! 😀

Look at this doggggg. So funny, it can just flip and get carry this way!
Amazing! (:

Xb when she’s in the tunnel (:
Cutesy pie! ♥♥♥

Can tahan no more.
It’s seriously so hot that noon.

Brought her home after a short while more, and she slept damn soundly after that! 🙂
She gets tired super easily. short power frame. hahaha.

Gonna explore more dog friendly places that we can bring her to (:
If not she always coop at home and be an antisocial.


Okay, that’s about our trip to the doggie playground!
A place worth to check out with your furrrrries (:


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