Peek at my saturday date

We are always busy working.

Even though we see each other almost everyday, we seldom have the luxury to go on a date.
Or rather we will spend time with xiaobai and watching the tv at home (:


Met bennyboy at bugis junction after dropping off some new stocks at KJ!
Brunch at Crystal Jade 😀

We called this abit of everything.

Hahaha, cause it’s a mix of ingredients!
Serving was rather generous, fulfilled Ben’s bottomless pit 🙂

Something that taste like fried gyoza.
It tasted okay only.

I lovvvvvve pan-fried gyoza.
Not deep fried, not steam, not boil, PANFRIED.


Ultimate love for the golden tofu and XLB!! -drooooooools-

The bowl of noodles looks big uh?
By the time i finish all our side dishes, im full already!

That’s why i don’t like to have a main cause after my meal, i will have a bulging tummy D:

And what’s a meal without a sweet ending?
We always have an extra room for dessert isn’t it?  😀

We found some happiness at Iluma, MARBLE SLAB!!
Never had the chance to try their icecream! (:

Our choice: Irish coffee cream.
We tried Peach and French Toast (what an interesting flavour!) is WAY TOO sweet! :O

We love the irish coffee though.
Because the irish doesn’t taste as overwhelming as the two flavours! (:

We spent our entire rest of the day at the Marble slab while waiting for sissy to end her movie.
Feel like some bummer, hehehe.

And hence, we took so many senseless photo.
Gotta love the effects! It made my piglet looks ten times cuter, hahahaha 😀
Iphone camera always come handy whenever the camera is not with me!

Love how our saturday turned out to be so simple and filled my heart with laughters and love.



Anyw, we’ve prepared new stocks for First Day (:
Do drop by if you happen to be at Plaza Singapura!


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