Favourite jumpsuit, studio shoot till date! ♥

You guys are so going to be excited upon seeing this preview that im going to share here!! 😀

Joined my sissy and the ttr crew for a studio shoot past few weeks, you can’t imagine how much i love to spend my night in the studio ironing clothes. hahahaha, kidding.

I love how the studio is so cosy and the company of course. Anticipating all the pretty photos kat took and how crazy every photo shoot are getting. My life is pretty interesting now, with new elements injected in. (:

Photos below will explain why im so excited!

My favourite soup spoon for dinner 😀
Hahahah, well. Must make sure that my stomach is not empty!

Gastric suck balls :<

Sissy had velvety mushroom.
My number 1 favourite!

hehehe (:

And i had beef goulash.
Sissy’s number 1 favourite, hahaha.

Top favorite from happy lemon now: CARAMEL TEA LATTE WITH BROWN SUGAR JELLY.
such a long name, but you’ve gotta try it!

It’s so good. (:

Make a quick guess what’s inside our props for the day!

Here’s four colours for the new batch of summer love high waist shorts!
Many of the girls (and I) love the cutting of this high waist shorts, was so happy that sissy brought in new colours for it 😀

You seriously don’t know how i feel when i first try it at the supplier’s.

Sad to say, i don’t have the best figure.
Im only 152cm, imperfections that im inferior about.

But this jumpsuit is my life saviour!
Im so exaggerating, but it’s true (:

It made me look so tall, elongate, slim. These words doesn’t ever appear on my dictionary.
The effect of the jumpsuit is so amazing. DX couldn’t stop screaming about it too 😀

Throw on chunky accessories and a platform wedges and you are ready to rock the world.


Totally love the mascot idea!!
Do you do you?!

We’ve got bouncy rabbit, kungfu panda and a huggable bear!

Suan in love with the panda.
I swear we had fun fooling around when dx was doing her makeup and changing.

So irresistibly cute! :O

Photographer bear in the house.

Did you realise kat and i wore the same checkered shirt coincidentally?
Wore the head gear and you couldn’t really tell us apart. Hahahahaha.

It was so fun!

Alright, getting down into so serious business!
Diva DX on the roll!! (:

She got too high when the music was on!!
Used the studio as the dance floor, she really got us cracked up.

Too high on drugs. hahahaha.
I’ve got a video clip, but im not going to share it here! 😛

Preparing to end the shoot with the last few outfits! (:

So how do you like the behind the scene photos?
Hehehe, it explains so much when i browse through them (:
Sissy and i are dead tired today, new shoot for new clothes! Im gonna catch a nap now!

Hope your sunday was good too before monday arrives tomorrow!

Be sure to catch our launch tomorrow alright?!?!?!
TTR will kill all your monday blues for sure 😉

Ask me ant knee tink


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