In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.

Picked up my girls and meet max for a lunch date at  Laselle, 15 minutes.
I miss their food so much!! Been long since ive been there.

Love the food and company, what a good way to spend a rainy afternoon (:

The weather was a little chilly, good excuse for throwing on my brown furry red heart throwover! (:
I love love love love throwover.

Love is an understatement.

1) Clams vongole 2) Duck oriental pizza
3) Tom yum seafood pizza 4) Ham and mushroom in pink sauce

Somehow the duck oriental pizza doesn’t taste as nice as the previous time!! ):
Now i prefer timbre’s duck pizza! Hehehe, how fickle minded.

Love 15 minutes anyw (:
For the ambience and reasonable priced food.


I should make full use of the polaroid, i want to paste them all on my bedroom’s wall! (:
But i always got a problem, i am soooooo lazy to bring it out.

Bobs and ht! (:
None of us have cameras with us, so iphone took care of everything once again.

Look at ht fooling around at the backseat.
Still remember the reindeer’s headband TTR use it during the christmas  shoot?

Drove down to ION, bought happy lemon and went to pick sissy up from school! (:


Anywwww, im itching to go travelling again! :O
But it’s really hard to get your butt down to check out those fares. ):

Have a few places in my head.
My girlfriends and i are checking on Taiwan! 😀
Since my boy will be enlisting soon, we want to fly once more before it’s really time for he to shave off his hair.

hahahaha, he’s so vain.
Dont know how is he going to survive this. He’s gonna be a man 😀

Been there once when i was in my secondary school days?
Cant remember much of my trip already! ):

I miss out all the good food and night markets there.
I want to go back and eat my heart out!


Destination two: Phuket
Ben and i are contemplating to go to this sunny island for the longest time!
Especially when the exchange rates are shooting up now 😀

I hope his enlistment letter reach him soon so we can start planning!

Im gonna learn how to be a Miss independent soon when the peanut butter is gone to serve the nation.
Got him a new nick, peanut butter. Hehehehe

Have a goodnight people, don’t stay up too late. 🙂
Im going to watch an episode of Vampire Diaries before heading to bed!

Ask me ant knee tink


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