Loads of love.

Classic old school breakfast to start my saturday right (:
But i hate how the half boiled eggs will stink up your mouth. Hahahaha.

Mummy used to prepare that for breakfast. Yummmmz.

Egg toast with butter and maple syrup (:
It’s so niceeeeeeeee with lots of butter!!

Lover boy’s seafood horfun.
His type of breakfast… is weird.
Hahahaha. Oh well, consider it as our brunch actually.

It’s 11am already by the time we fill our stomach 😛


And it’s our usual date with my baby girl at NEX (:
Even though the weather threaten to rain, but it didn’t 😀 😀

She had a new haircut and appear to be quite moody and listless these few days ):

Check out this polka dot chiffon dress i got her when i was in bangkok!
Smocked back somemore. Hahahaha, this vainpot loves to wear clothes.

Vain princess. (:

Thinking of doing a paw print for her?
I love her paws! 😀

Weather was pretty good today, no strong glaring sun.
Just cloudy.

I’ve got to do more research on new places to bring her around.
Xiaobai is getting bored of NEX, so do i.

Totally zonk out!!
This is how tired she is everytime we bring her out!

Cutecutecute ♥
We are spending our saturday doing the usual stuffs, watching old school 90’s teevee show.
Planning our night, im craving for some chocolate lava cake 😀

I wanna sleep in early today. Have been waking up early these few days and it’s soso torturing.
Im so not a morning person ):

Spending my day with my sissy tmr, cant wait to bake!! 😀
Loving the long weekend!

Till here, toooodles.

Ask me ant knee tink


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