Listen to me. The human world, it’s a mess

Happily pick out this bright orange reversible tank when sissy brought them back and throw it on!
Saffron orange for summer.

Totally brighten up my day, colour makes wonder!
If you are wondering where you can get them, you can head down to KJ to try them out 😀

So versatile and they help to cover my flabby arms :)!
Paired it with high waist jeans. Have to wear them over and over again cause they make me look taller 😀


Pair it with sissy’s turquoise stones necklace. (:

Lunch at soup spoon after stocking up new items at KJ! :>
Brought little sis along cause she haven’t been hanging out with us lately.
Busy with all her mugging for the upcoming O’s. But im pretty confident with her!

She’s a smart girl, the walking encyclopedia.   😀

How do we look alike? (:

We had velvety mushroom, half beef wasabi sandwich and caesar salad!
You have to try the salad, it’s one of the nicer salad as compared to mac’s  and pastamania.

Hahahahah, Im a salad maniac.
with a small amount of food intake but still grows fat.

Im a piece of lard. 😦

How i wish i can transfer some fats to her.
Hahahahaha, you probably think that she don’t eat.

But she eats a lot of junkkkk.
Both of my sisters are junkies.

Am jealous here. Why doesn’t the blood run in me? The skinny blood? :/

Anyway, head down to NEX to get jess her backpack for school.
Major cravings for frozen yoghurt!

Immediately thought of yoguru and pop!
Here we areeeee yoghurt 😀

I had dragonfruit pomegranate flavoured and sissy got the original one.
But i swear it taste like frolick’s grape?

I still prefer frolick though!
I had my dosage of frolick today when i was out dating!
It’s lychee our favourite, so def cant miss it!! 😀

I love love yoghurt with oreoooo. nomnom.
And the companion makes it better.

When im out with them, i can do whatever i like. Cause no one will be judging. 😉

I love them, sisters for lifeeeee!

More lunch and dinner dates please ♥

Off to settle verification emails! (:

Ask me ant knee tink


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