TTR love <3

Photobucket is not working at the moment and it’s pissing me off.
I want to have a decent post.
But anyw here’s me wearing the mod retro skirt in brick and strut down the runway jumpsuit!!
Im in love 😀

Wore this yesterday when im heading to SIM to certified my transcript.

All the way down to certify one transcript. Gosh.

I cant imagine when school starts i will face long bus rides, boring lectures and sleepy tutorials again.

Few more months to go.

 The skirt ends off nicely below my knee, mid calf.

It somehow makes my waist looks smaller too 😀

Pardon me for the messy background. I can’t stand it too!

Im a cleanliness freak


And my ultimate loveeeee, wore it to take a picture and i never want to take it off.

It’s a instant glam up jumpsuit. Look so good on its on already.

It was altered 3inches shorter, but i wore a 4inches tall wedges?


IT’S SO PRETTTTTY and make me feel so good wearing them.

I feel so tall, hahahaha.

More photos of it when photobucket feels like doing work!

It’s another great long weekend, enjoy! Adioooos.

Ask me ant knee tink


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