#fail birthday surprise ♥

Rainbow balloons, party poppers, party hats, birthday sunnies.
My TTR crew loves me so much!

Hahahaha. They plan to have a birthday surprise for me at the studio yesterday! 😀

An advanced one for Dingding and mel too! We are all may babies! ❤

6 more days to my birthday!
Im gonna stay FOREVER 18! Hahahah.

But well, the surprise didn’t turn out to be one cause DX babe decided to expose the secret!
Hahahaha, she was like: “Happy birthday Joleneeee”


Hahahaha, damn epic can. She feel damn guilty about it.

Awww, we still love you! ♥

Upon entering the studio, there are colourful balloons waiting for me already! ((:

So pretty right!

I thought that was props of the day! -_-

Hell loads of food on the table!

What a spreadddd 😀

It’s hard not to gain weight, especially when TTR is having studio shoot ):

Got instructed to wear something bright by sissy!
Thought we are taking some group photo or something? Hahaha.

Picked Sunshine avenue dress in dazzling coral!

Love her love her sooooo much!

Got me my favourite chocolate cake which i forgot to take a photo! ):
Gobble all down. Hehehe.

And my present. OMG, LOVE IT.

❤ ❤ ❤

Thom being camera-shy!!
Hehehe, everyone look so cute with the hat!
Like a unicorn! 😀

Omg, suan hunny bunz! 😀

And DX babeeeee!

Saw this coach box and i knew that it’s for meeeeee! 😀 😀 😀 (x100)

My coach wrislet babyyyy!
muacks muacks!

And back to work!!
Omg, the best behind the scene! ((((:

I love the TTR crew.

Love Sissy
Love Thom
Love Kat
Love DX
Love Mel
Love Suan


Oh random, that day my colleagues also spill out something related about my birthday plan.
Okayyyyy, they need to stop telling me.

I want surprises. Hahahaha.
Remember to wish me on the 9th may okay! More wish more blessing.

Off to verify payment!! 😀


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