Me loves poppy

Been clearing emails and emails these two days.
Went out with sissy to run some errands yesterday and wore the Summer Flirt Skirt in Kelly Green out ((:

Im sorry that i only manage to post it up now.
BO is already up for the skirt, so if you wish to join the BO


Im not a very skirt kind of person. My usual wear is always, a top and shorts.
So boring right. So at times, i will dress up myself when im heading out.

Since ive got so many pretty clothes lying around, staring at me.
Hehehe, shan’t waste it! (:

The skirt isn’t too long for me even though im a 152. *Ahem*


Wore it with a stripey cardigan.

Anything with stripes, i will fall for it.
Have been looking for a stripe dress for quite awhile already, but haven’t got one ):

Im afraid that stripes will make me look fatter, so have to choose wisely!

Anyw, bun my hair up using a magic tool! Will share more about it later!! 😀
Finally can bun up my hair properly already! 😀 😀


1st of may

Popped over to htee’s place for her birthday barbeque (:
Taking polariod is a must for her, i bet she got tons of it on her wardrobe!

I must start taking my own polariod too.
If not my photos collage wall will never be done ):

First time meeting boo!
She’s sooooo chubby and cute, omg.

And she likes it when people calls her BOO, y’know monster inc.
The little girl- BOO?

Hahahaha, she kind of look like her!
But max and sher always like to call her cheeseburger cause her cheek is so round and pinchable.

Okay, i sound like a pedophile, hehehe 😛

I was super late that day, omg rushing here and there.
It’s terrible ):

i blame it on max. Hahahaha.
He was suppose to tell me when he leave his place lor. -pouts-

It’s always so good to be around with this clique of mine.

Wondering if we will still be in contact 20 years down the road?
Can’t imagine most of us will be married and with kids already.

Hahahah. ❤


Anyw, the magic tool i was saying previously,

DX told me about it cause i have problems tying a bun on my own, so noob right.
Hahahaha, i know.

This spongey hair tool is gonna save your bad hair day.

Tadah, it looked something like that.
I think you can get it easily at those hair accessories store! It’s flexible and doesn’t hurt my hair!

All you need is tie a pony tie and put the end portion of your hair into the hole in the middle, roll it up and turn it down.

Adjust accordingly and you will get a perfect bun!

I dislike the fact that it’s too perfect. HAHAHAH. I prefer messy bun.

But im gonna figure that out somehow.

Okay, going off to slack my saturday off.
Very hungry naoooo ):  Where is my lunch?!?!?! ):

Ask me ant knee tink


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