Some food for thought! ♥

Backtrack a little,

Despite being busy with work, my girlfriends and i always try to meet up once every two weeks!
We just went to a thai restaurant for dinner tonight! Love thai food! 😀

So last few weeks, dinner was planned at Food for thought!
I was pretty excited cause ive heard quite a bit about the place!

Wore the upcoming cropped top in armani blue with sumer love high waist shorts!
Loving the combination 😀

I look very bright and attention seeking with my scarlettle shorts! ♥

Didn’t know that there are two food for thought outlet!
One’s at Queen Street and the other one at north bridge centre.

We went to the one at queen street. It’s very near to the Singapore art museum! (:

We had to cab over cause we had zero idea how to go.
Hahahah, damn bad at directions! ):

Meet my girls~
They are people i can’t live without! Love em maxxxxxx.

Weather was a lil gloomy that day, grey clouds and drizzling.
Got ourselves a seat, we are lucky!!
Cause most of the tables are reserved already.

So if you plan to go for a dinner, please book.
If not you probably have to wait  with your grumbling stomach. Hate that!

Love their light holders, guess what is it made of? ((:
It’s the pasta sauce bottle, they re-use it as light holders!!!!!!

Such cute concepts 😀

Tummies tummies grumbling~

I ordered prawn aglio olio!
All time favourite 😀

But it tasted okay only ._.

babygirl’s mushroon risotto!

And sunny’s curry battered ultra ultra big chicken cutlet 😀

And overall, all the food tasted below average!
Im damn disappointed!! ):

Maybe i should try their breakfast! Hahaha, but i can never wake up for breakfast unless i sleep uber early!
Shall plan up my breakfast itinerary! 😀

Trained down to NEX mall, and we all happily realized that NEX is the next hang out place for us cause it’s so centrally located from our place (((((:

Complete our dinner with haato green tea icecream.
Sudden love for green tea (:

Green tea cream with soy milk less sweet please! (:
Will have major cravings for it when my period is nearing. WHY? :O

Wore the cropped top in cream when i was out with my aunt aka godma (:
Dinner was so horrible that day cause we had to travel to 3 dinner places before settling down.

Long queue everywhere cause it was a public holiday and celebration of mothers’ day! D:

When i knew sissy is gonna manufacture this cropped top, i immediately told her that we are gonna keep all colours except fuschia! HAHAHA, and the only reason is because i cant carry off fuschia/purple tone.


I predict that this top will come in handy when school starts!
Cause it’s so easy to match, a top for lazy school days! 😀

But won’t make you look sloppy! loveitloveit.

Got a bouquet of roses for mama love!
She’s so poor thing ): She had to work on mothers’ day and couldn’t have lunch with us ):

So plan to have it next week! ((((((((:


And drumsroll………….

The corduroy shorts! ♥

Love paperbag style shorts, i picked olive cause i look like a postman.

TTR loves high waist bottoms, so i love TTR! 😀
Anything with high waist, bring it on!!

Okay, cut the crap. Photos!

Wore it to one of my friend’s 21st birthday! (:

Keeping all colours for this corduroy shorts too.
Im prepared for school! Pretty clothes=no more school blues

Hehehe, i go school and flaunt all my pretty clothes.
2 more months seem too fast to be true. ):

Back being an boring school student. I hope girlfriend will be in the same lecture as me!
dont wanna be a loner!! D:

1.5 years will pass very fast right? cross my fingers!
Okay, working tomorrow! So shan’t sleep late.

Panda eyes surfacing already D:

Ask me ant knee tink


4 Comments on “Some food for thought! ♥”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi dear are u wearing S/M for summer love hw shorts!:)

  2. Eileen says:

    For the denim one too? (: Thanks!

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