Forever young

Sooo, my birthday end off with a pretty delightful note.
Someone told me that there is no surprises, no presents, no plans.

Hahahaha, of course i didn’t believe him entirely.
But he did surprise me at my doorsteps though, when im still in my pyjamas, replying emails and preparing to send out the parcels.


I am surprised! Hahahaha.
So quickie go wash up and prepare to  head out! (:

Throw on a maxi cause it doesn’t give me headache on what to match with.
A skinny belt and bangles and im goooood to go! 🙂

And the maxi wasn’t too long for me! Yay to that 😀
It is meant to end off above the ankle for an average height girl, but it is kind of like a full length maxi for me.

Without having it drag on the floor. I can wear it with my sandal too! 😀 😀

Aww, i still get my present in the end! (: (: (:
Thanks bb ♥

So pretty!
I really like how simple the stud is, easy to match with all my clothes 😀

After sending off huge bag of parcels, im such a responsible birthday girl!!
Cmon, i deserve the love right? hehehe.

So anyway, since my tummy is already grumbling like mad.
We settled our lunch at pizza hut! (:

Soup of the day: Chicken veggie soup.

Ben have the beef lasagna and no pictures for my baked rice cause i gobble my lunch down.
Hehehe. Erps.

The lasagna is niceeee, but the portion is so small. ):
Never even fill up the space. Boooo.

Tedaaaah, our favourite dessert from pizza hut!! :O
Warm chocolate cake with vanilla icecream.

Hahahaha, the fastest finger/mouth first!

So we roam roam roam around amk hub, cause apparently this boy doesn’t want to tell me where are we heading to.
So we ended up at the cathay cineplex.

All sold out for the Fast and Furious 5, so i thought, oh maybe another day.
Then in the end, he took out something from his wallet!!

Hahahah, FastFive ticket for two!!

Overall i enjoyed the movie, i didn’t manage to watch 1-4.
Hahaha, but he told me this time round, less racing.

So i bet 1-4 will be much nicer!! Guess there will be a six coming up as well.
There was a trailer after the movie, so do stay and watch before you are heading to the exit!

We roam roam and roam to town.
To centerpoint, since when do we go to centerpoint?

Hahahaha, and he told me he got a little but fail surprise for me!

So we head over to the new york deli  and saw my colleagues! 😀

Jordan and Fir! 😀
Omg, totally didn’t expect to see them there?

The rest of my colleagues couldn’t turn up cause i think some organizer ah, abit fail.
Ahem. Hahaha.  ♥

My special order: Bacon and mushroom in alfredo sauce spaghetti!
So yummmmeh 😀

After our meal, Ben’s friend who works at the New york deli brought a brownie with a candle over!
Awww )’:

Everyone is so nice!

Didn’t take a lot of photos, because you know.
All guys. Hahahaha. But im damn touched, cause the two of them bought me gifts also!

Royce chocolate from Jordan

And forever 21 vouchers from the both of them.

These guys are… too nice already! (:
I appreciate it!

So slack and chit chat at starbucks till late and went home with full of glee.
Time fliessss, and i hate to say that but i don’t wanna be old.

The older you get the more responsibilities you will have.
Couldn’t even spend a second thinking about it now! Off for my lunch! (:

Have a good weekend people! ♥♥♥


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