eat pray love

Have been eating a lot like a junk on my birthday week. Couldn’t even bear to weight myself. D:
So expect nothing but lots and lots of food porn.


10th may, went to sushi tei for a late lunch with sissy 😀

Errrr, yups. Only the two of us but we ordered so much.
Especially we are those with small appetite.

Totally suicidal. hahaha.
Despite being very very full to the brim, we insist on eating the ichigo.

It tastes like heaven. yummmms.

Met a lovely lady at starbucks and yes, we practically spent our entire noon there.
Drinking my matcha cream while waiting for the time to pass to meet my girlfriends for dinner!!


Dinner place: Great world city
Restaurant: Bangkok Jam
Specialty in: Bangkok food

The restaurant reopen at 6pm for dinner, that explains why there aint a single soul in the restaurant.
It was pretty crowded around 6.30 to 7pm. (:

And what’s going into a thai restaurant without ordering my phad thai right!
Hehehe, i love phad thai (stir-fried rice noodle)

I go to thai express umpteen times and i will still stick to phad thai.
Im such a boring person 😀

Soft shell crab with yellow mellow curry.

Girlf’s epic cripsy noodles with prawns.

Please don’t order this 🙂


My dear huisun and hy got me oreo cheesecake~
My favourite cheesecake ♥♥

Okay, know you are convinced that i ate a lot last week.
Hahahaha, i ate like 3 cakes, brownies and count the warm chocolate cake in.


Okay, shall starve for the next 5 days. bwahaha. ):

3 more days and bennyboy will be in Phuket enjoying himself already!
Damnnnn jealous. D: D: D:
Lao niang wants to go Phuket too.

Rah, go and watch my youtube videos already.

Tata!! 😀


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