Mumsy mumsy love

I always lie down on my bed the night before thinking of what i should wear if im heading out to somewhere.
Thinking of how to cover my flabby arms, how to dress up to be more confident about myself blah blah blah.

The list goes on.

So it’s not easy for me to think straight on the spot of what to wear.
If i can’t find the suitable one, I will ended up late for the date. Hahahah, damn horrible.

Wore the: Upcoming TTR chiffon shrug in mist grey, BonitoChico’s halter top and a rose bandage skirt (:
Lovelove those wedges from Aldo.

Very comfy and didn’t give me blisters at all.
Poor mummy couldn’t wear it, so i just kope it. hehehe. 😛

We had a date with mumsy cause we didn’t manage to celebrate mother’s day the previous week.
Looking gorgeous and hot looking, mummy 😀

Heading down to ION..
Hunting for some food to eat 😀

Asian Kitchen!
We so love the Original guitar duck, four season beans with salted eggs, 卤肉饭, and the oyster mee sua!


More piccas piccas because mummy only comes out with us once in the blue moon!
Can you believe that this is her first time in 20 years stepping into Orchard  road?
We can’t believe it either till we realized she is so busy with her work and only could spare a few hours at the north area and the further she went is only novena.

Hmmm, she needs to be out more often! (:

These two are rare guests on my blog!
Wish we could have more time to have a simple lunch and dayout like this. (:

Needless to say, i hang out with her almost everyday.
Cause somebardy is having her summer holidays now!

Send parcels together, lunch together, using our laptops together when there is new launch up, shop together.
Damn sick of you face knowwww.

Hahahaha. #justkidding. 😛

The food came pretty fast, so yay to our grumbling tummies!

You can skip the fried tofu, cause crystal jade can do it ten times nicer! 😉

Bumming around before we went to our dessert destination. 😀 😀

It’s sour sally!

It’s been sometime since the opening, but i haven’t got the change to try it.
Despite how sissy keep on raving  about how nice and awesome the frozen yoghurt is.

We ordered Pinkilious (strawberry) with mango and mochi (Thomas’s uncle joke) Hahahaha.

And the green one is Twist (Green tea + Original) with frutti pebbles and milo balls!

Look at this cute bunny cover we got for her! 😀
It comes with a furry tail that act as a stand and a cord winder.

Why i don’t see any for bb. BTH, TOO CUTE ALREADY!
But im gonna trade my BB for a iphone 3GS already.

My iphone plan is aleady wasted for don’t know how many months ):
(fyi, i lost my iphone, end of story)


Do i look like my mummy?

Cause lots of them say so. Hehehehe ♥

We are laughing so damn hard cause of our joke of the day.

Badside and backside. HAHAH. omg inside joke D:

Oh my, i really enjoy their company so much.
No one can replace that. (:

I love waking up to see them, dressing up and deciding what to wear, squeezing in front of the mirror putting on make up,
taking our OTDs (:

My mummy is a camwhore too! She is forever so hip and young. Hehehe.
I love her, all the love from the universe ♥

Happy mothers’ day mummy! ♥


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