Remember: What goes around, comes around

My tuesday was well spent with my girls support group: Sop, kat and sissy! Still missing out jess cause she’s still schooling. ):
Anyway, sissy showed me this really adorable heart button dress and i knew i had to keep it!! Hahahaha, this yummy little dress looks so good that it can be eaten. wheehee. So hard to resist, we are keeping almost everything. No time to clear our bursting wardrobes yet. Boohoo. I am a cleaniness freak but i don’t know where to start from.

Love the cream with black heart combi, but i reckon that blue suits me better.
Girls are such suckers when it comes to cute little details.


The heart button is the ultimate winner! Hehehe.
Dont cha agree? :p

Late lunch at shokudo :))

I got so hyped up yesterday cause i got myself this Reese’s bowl!
Looking forward to my breakfast from now onwards cause i can eat my cereal in my striking bright bowl.

Instantly brighten up my day. Hahahaha.

♥ I love Reese’s peanut butter cup ♥

Popped by sop’s house to find the hyper baby ryan! 😀
He is so full of energy, endless energy to dance and run around.

We spent our time with him playing games and entertained by him.
BTH, dont know where all his energy is from.

Cant wait to see him again, the next time he will be blabbering with more words already.

Cuteness to the max. ♥ aww.

A clearer view on the dress that is gonna be in the upcoming launch! 🙂

Two cute pockets by the side. Score brownie points!

Nuff said, please do catch the launch which will probably be on this sunday! 😀
It’s been long since i catch my dosage of vampire diaries!

Till then!

Ask me ant knee tink


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