Im glad you came.

Glad that my week has been fruitful and packed with activities! (:
So busy till i got no time for my friend who just came back from aussie!

Hopefully i can really find time to meet them this saturday! (:

Thank god for iphone and instragram, ive been taking photos diligently!
Uploading of photos can never be as easy!! 😀

And the best part is……. i don’t have to resize my photos! :p


I love my Jill Stuart’s makeup!
Im glad that the staff chose the right tone of blusher and loose powder for me (:

Really don’t know what to do when they runs out!! ):


Anyw, all the photos are the recollections of what i’ve been doing for the past two months.
Love to take  my OTD more than ever and editing them with special effects!

I promise i will take care of you, sunshine (:

My iphone cover is now in the colour of sunshine!
So shall name it as sunshine.  bwahaha (:


And lastly, sissy was sharing this with me.
The first one is so cute and related!!

Hahaha, who shall be irritate us will enjoy this royal treatment!

I should always remind myself to keep calm as i tend to get panic attacks whenever there is a hiccup.
Totally bad that controlling my brain.


Gotta be up early tomorrow, so y’know what…
TIME FOR BEDDDDD! Wanna dive into my comfy bed so badly and never wakes up :p

(Gotta find sometime to blog about my third day of my HK trip!!)

Toodles!  ♥



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Set your goals high in the sky, so even when you fall you will land on the stars.


That’s me with my favourite pants in black! (:
Hehehe, the cutting of the pants is soooo flattering and make my legs look slimmer!

Love the pants to bits ♥♥

Didn’t realise till sissy mention that this is our first manufactured pants that is not made of denim! 😀
Definitely cant miss this one!

Little imp loves to disturb when we are preparing to head out.
Without her.

Hahahaha, she hates being alone at home. or worse, with my dad.

/gush to cute iphone4 covers!!
I self made the minnie mouse 3D cover for my phone too!

Hehehe, totally love it cause it’s so cute! Dont cha agree!!
Best loot from Disneyland 😀

And Jess’s gameboy cover! OMG. iphone covers are becoming more and more innovative.
So sad that the ones we buy for the boys are lost on our way by from HK to SG. ):

Heading to PS with sissy and jess! (:
Cause we wanted to buy new lingerine from marks and spencer!
LOVEEE TO BUY NEW LINGERINEEEE. Hahahaha, sounds like a bimbo much.

Re-united with my fellows colleagues too ((:

Late lunch at saybons! (:
Never get sick of their mushroom soup and crepes!
Mad lurvvvvvves  ♥

Im a fan of saybons!

With my geeky looking sissy!
Im getting sick of my side fringe already, get so tempted after seeing steph got her new haircut! :p

It’s good to have a new fresh look. My long hair is getting boring.
Suggestions? 🙂

Ending the post with a picture of my cranky girl.
Being her nerdy self right now, most of her time are studying nowadays.

Jiayou my sissy little girl, don’t stress yourself too much and take more rest! ♥
Xoxo, sissy.

I’ll love love you tonight.

Back to 2nd day of our HongKong trip!!

Got so many photos but so little time to load time all up to share it on my space.

Counting down to start my school life, less than 30 days, OMFG :O
After 4-5 months of holidays, im so dreadful of the thought of school.

Shall be more positive and embrace SIM!!


TTR’s upcoming off shoulder embroidery blouse.
Versatile and gotta love the front tie tassle! So cuteeeee.

Kept so many clothes for school.
Hehehe, i don’t want to have wardrobe crisis everyday!!

Gonna be such a headache.


Up and on our way for dimsum breakfast!!

😀 😀 😀

To Allied plaza!!

It’s actually located very near to our hotel.
Just a 10mins walk from our mongkok mtr station exit to another B2 exit.

Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant! Located at 3rd floor of the plaza.
We are surprised by the number of people seated at the restaurant.

Cause Allied plaza seem to be so deserted.
We are a little lost about what to do to get seated, but everything went fine and we are seated within 10mins!

Everytime the locals talk to us in cantonese, sissy and i always manage to catch half of what they are saying.
Cantonese always sound so cool.

When im free, i will go watch 10 HK drama series to learn canto!

Sissy taking order, everything is written in chinese.
Traditional chinese writing, super lost touch of chinese ever since O’s.

Duper hungry and it seemed like the food is taking forever to come.

Carrot cake with big chunks of radish.
Cleared half of the plate cause i was damn hungry, even though it’s not very nice ):

The bitter aftertaste of the radish, burps.

Our favourite dish, ranking number one on our dimsum chart.
Chee cheong fan with charsiew!

Didn’t quite like their version as well cause the skin was too thick for my liking.
If not i will have another round of serving! Hahaha, i seriously ate like a glutton when im in HK :p

Har gao and xiaolongbao!
These are niceeeee.

Lotus paste buns.
Totally got cheated, we thought we ordered custard buns.

But they turned out to be lotus buns. Damn sad!!
I was looking forward to try cause i didn’t try it in my entire life before! ):

Siewmai and some beancurd skin roll at the background! (:

Sissy disturbing the two of us with her new G12!

Spot jess in the upcoming TTR’s stripey dress!
Looking good jess 😉

Back to metropark hotel in mongkok and shifted to the one in kowloon!
The room is so much better cause each of our got a bed to ourselves.

Don’t have to squeeze in one queen size bed anymoreeee 😀

Comebuy bubbletea before we move on to langham place!
We saw lots of people queuing for it, and we thought that it would be nice.

So we give it a try! 😀

Happy with their drinks!
Heard that Singapore have an outlet too!

They stated on their board, we still thought that they are lying. Bwahaha. Damn silly.

Splurged at laneige cause everything is so cheap as compared to SG!
Have been using their sleeping waterpack and i love how it hydrates my skin and make me look so radiant the next day 🙂

The salesperson was so good, so sissy ended up buying more and join the membership.
Hahaha, they throw in free gifts like it’s free. Contradict much.

Monki and H&M at Langham place!!
We checked out Jill stuart at their Seibu too.

IM SO IN LOVE with Jill Stuart loose powder and blusher!!
Didn’t regret getting them! Why Singapore doesn’t have Jill stuart counter? )’:

Gonna start worrying when they are going to run out.

Don’t they look so pretty and appetizing?
Had to get them cause they look so good.

Practically telling me to eat them already.

And it tasted as good as it look!
Nicer than beard papa in my opinion!! :O

Or probably i was just hungry. Hehehe.

Dingding bus spotted at The Central!!
Spend super long to take a perfect shots with the bus in the background. Hahahaha.

So sad that they are going to terminate the service soon! ):
They look super cute running on the tracks and wires.

Snap snap and here we are at the largest H&M outlet!!
Spent our evening shopping in this 4 levels of goodness 😀 😀 😀

Didn’t do much research on The Central and we are too drained out after shopping.
So decided to settle our dinner at the Macdonalds right opposite H&M!

Ordred everything that is not available in SG!
Sweet potato pie was surprisingly nice, :O

I was so upset that i couldn’t have my burger with curry sauce cause they don’t have it at HK.
Hence i couldn’t even finish half of my Le Grand.

It tasted like cheese burger though. Just with two different kind of cheese.

Okay, have i bore you much talking about my HK trip?
Hehehe, cause it’s all about shopping and food!!

Spells goooooodnesss 🙂

Shall give in to the sleepy monster and turn in soon!
Goodnight peepos, TGIFFFFFF! ♥

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买东东吃西西 DAY ONE

This is my third time travelling to HongKong!
This trip was really impromtu cause sissy randomly told me she wants to go to Hongkong for shopping and Disneyland!!

Hahaha, didn’t even have proper itinerary.
We just book the tickets and think about all the secondary stuff later. Impulse kids.

Two weeks to be exact, before we disappear to the land of dimsum.

God damn tired cause i have been sleeping so late.
Looks like spamming eye cream is not gonna work for meh ):

And sleeping on the plane is just pain in the ass.
I practically sprawl 360 deg all around my seat. HAHAHA.

My kiddo evil twin.

Loving the suede paperbag pants that is gonna be up soon!
The fitting and the feel of the material is so fab! (((:

Looking like an octopus here.
Hehehe, so this is what you do when you got nothing better to do before boarding the planeeee!

On the flight too.
Hahaha, speaking of which, flying with tiger airways can be quite scary.

The rides are bummy and unstable.
Well, i guess you that’s what you get when you pay budget huh. hmmmm.

I damn jealous that there a abundance of iphone 4 covers on the market ):

They totally neglected iphone 3GS ):
Woes of being a 3GS user. Rawr.

After 3.5 hours of flight ride, we touched down HK international airport!! (:
Look at that glee on my face.

I can’t imagine what will happen to me if you put me on a 24 hours flight.


Reached the hotel and realised that i booked the wrong one. ):
Sinner to the max.

Anyway, gonna skip the grandmother story.
Everything is fine the next day. ((:

Metropark kowloon hotel is the correct one!

Settle all luggages and check in.
Time for some night shopping and snacking!! 😀

We went to check out the New town mall located along argyle street.
It’s like Hong kong version of Far east + Bugis!

Get all the cheap deals in the mall and continue to roam the street.
The night life of HK is so vibrant.

You would still see loads of people on the street, cause most of the shops are open till 12am.

Not mentioning that their bubble tea stalls too.

A’wsome max!!

This is amazing.

These are handwritten by the man sitting along the street.
If you didn’t realise, he is handicapped and yet wrote such beautiful words (:

As if they are printed out.
My respect to him (:

Hungry hungry after 3.5 hours of flight, 2 hours of travelling and checking in.
Time to hunt for some curry fishball.

My ultimate love from HK.

You can see them everywhere around the corner of the street.

Can never get sick of them.
Love’em so muchhhhh! (:

Bubble tea everyday! (:
They have like whole lot of different bubble tea stores along the streets.  No wonder my sissy’s antibiotic is not working.


Best buy of the night: Rilakuma’s Tote bag!!

Mine: A panda tote bag!

Duper cute, carried it around for the rest of my days in HK. :p

Jess’s favourite buy!
A bunny with no mouth cutesy keychain!

“Got blush somemore” quote by jess.


Love the crowd at argyle street! (:

Loads of food and shopping, entertainment!
And something that amazes me, their cinema doesn’t locate in their shopping malls.

They are located randomly among the stretch of shops.
Like pop out in the middle of no where, hahaha.

Okay.. that’s about our first night at Hong Kong! (:
More to come when im free from all the emails and BO packing.

I am the email slave. Hahaha. Anyw, new collection coming up tonight at 8.30 pm! (:




Love everything about this collection.
So many hard work to put these photos together.

Im biased, so see it for yourself !! Im not lying 😀
Off to send parcels, goodbye!




Wanted to hit the garden slug for the longest time with my furball xiaobai (:
As the restaurant was located around joo chiat, i thought that it might be better if i could drive there.

So when sissy was at Bangkok, i decided to spend my afternoon there (:
Looking forward to the garden slug, however it just disappoint me.

In terms of food and staff.


Pictures first!! ((:


Had quite a hard time locating the place even with the help of my handy *ahem* GPS.

Brought Jess and JT along cause they are having their mid term holiday now!


Say hello to my new Bangladesh boiphrend terry ♥
This boy became so tanned after he came back from his phuket trip!

Hahaha, charcoal.

Dislike menu without pictures, cause we are only left with the description to play with our imagination.
Hahaha, nevertheless we try to play safe and order the chef recommendations! (:


Peach and lychee soda.
Ive got nothing to say about the soda, all i can taste is soda only.

I don’t know what happen to my lychee syrup ):
They are nice to change a new glass of soda for me though.

Bennyboy’s meatball tomato linguine.

Not too bad, just that the homemade meatballs are a little tad too tough.

Please skip this.
Aglio olio style linguine with chicken strips.

D: D:

JT’s orangey flavoured chicken.

No no as well.

Jess’s roasted beef sandwich.
The softest bread recommended by the staff turns out to be hard as well.

Probably we went there at the wrong time/day.
Everything went wrong.

And my verdict is that, most of the pet friendly restaurants don’t serve good food.
I think the best i had was at bishan park? (:

Should head there for a walk with Xb when the renovation is done over there.
So hard to find a decent pet friendly cafe/restaurant nowadays. Suggestions please! ((:

Furball needs some new place to hangout.
Hehehehe, just a short post before posting up my Hongkong travelogue!


Goodnight folksssssss.

Numb and achy legs :(

First day at the IT show was not too bad! ((:
Im glad that it turned out this way.

Just to complain a little that my legs have gone numb and stoney.
I even got a BB torch to use during the show, wheeeee. loving it.

Anyw, im having the blogging hype right now. So i might as well vomit all the photos in my photobucket.

Hahahaha. But not gonna upload all at one go, i have to go to bed after verifying the payments! (:
Long day tomorrow D:

The long waited pixie hem top~
So gorgeous and totally love the cut at the bottom that falls so nicely.

Kept all the colours. I insist. Bwahaha.

Met the boy sometime back at Manhattan fish market for a brunch! 😀
Bad timing to be blogging about food )):

Headed there cause he found out that there is one for one grilled platter for M1 user!
Say yay!

I love love their grilled platter!
It stuffed us to the brim. Please don’t underestimate this tiny looking plate.


For a movie.

I just love to spend a day roaming around with you in my favourite outfit.
Even if we are doing nothing and staring into the space, chasing cars.


Look at those nicely painted blue wallpaper, green bushes and white clouds.
I feel happy when i step into this frolick store to get some yogurt, hahaha.

Was still contemplating whether to go in to sin a little.
But they had our favourite flavour- GRAPE! 😀 😀 😀

Don’t even need to think for a second!! Hahaha. I’d have skip it if it’s in peach flavour :O

Top it up with oreo bits pleaseeeeeeeee!


He is so so tan right now, like my bangladesh boiprend terry ♥♥
Gonna post an updated photo of him. hahaha, so tanned!!


Happy kids.

Yerrrps, talk about this wedges i got for myself sometime ago.
Hahaha, it already look wore out due to mistreatment D:

Am guilty of it.

But hey, it almost make me trip when i was climbing the stairs.
Hahaha, blame it on the fact that im clumsy when im in high heels or platform.



Not early anymore, have been lacking of sleep recently ):
Shall hit the sack soon. ♥


Ask me ant knee tink


Marks another end of journey

Oh well, so i finally got my ass down to post up my graduation day.

Didn’t really want to attend my grad day cause bennyboy and my close friends aren’t attend the ceremony as well.
But since mummylove and sissy are gonna be with me, i don’t mind attending anyw.

Once in a lifetime right? 😉


Made my way to school on my own as graduates have to report at 8.45 D:
Never a morning kid.


Spot me on the stage!

Sneak out immediately after i got my cert and take pictures!
I think im not allowed to leave actually, but i don’t care.

Heehee. Im done with the school!!

I actually quite like my robe!!
I look like im from Hogwarts!  Hahaha.

So pretty the color combination 😀

Mumsy and sissy!
I totally love the pleated dress in sea green ♥

Drooools. I haven’t got the change to try it on!
Don’t know how it will look on meh :p


Proceed to take more shots around the school.
Probably won’t be visiting anytime soon. I will miss loklok the most, omg ):

Jumpshot failzxz.
Hahahaha! Damn shy to jump in front the atrium hor. -pouts-


Took some shots with my classmates who attended the ceremony.
Most of my classmates are not there btw. Hahaha, feel a little odd.




And with my favourite girl, lesley!!

Will definitely miss being cranky with you!!
Loklokkkk, ):

Ogays.. Some pictures up and some still collecting dust in my photobucket.
Tomorrow i will be working at the IT show and im still not sleeping yet.

You can come to the blackberry booth and see a zombie standing there.
That will be me and come and say hi to me k?

HAHAHA, shall measure the clothes for tomorrow’s launch and sleepytime!!