Marks another end of journey

Oh well, so i finally got my ass down to post up my graduation day.

Didn’t really want to attend my grad day cause bennyboy and my close friends aren’t attend the ceremony as well.
But since mummylove and sissy are gonna be with me, i don’t mind attending anyw.

Once in a lifetime right? 😉


Made my way to school on my own as graduates have to report at 8.45 D:
Never a morning kid.


Spot me on the stage!

Sneak out immediately after i got my cert and take pictures!
I think im not allowed to leave actually, but i don’t care.

Heehee. Im done with the school!!

I actually quite like my robe!!
I look like im from Hogwarts!  Hahaha.

So pretty the color combination 😀

Mumsy and sissy!
I totally love the pleated dress in sea green ♥

Drooools. I haven’t got the change to try it on!
Don’t know how it will look on meh :p


Proceed to take more shots around the school.
Probably won’t be visiting anytime soon. I will miss loklok the most, omg ):

Jumpshot failzxz.
Hahahaha! Damn shy to jump in front the atrium hor. -pouts-


Took some shots with my classmates who attended the ceremony.
Most of my classmates are not there btw. Hahaha, feel a little odd.




And with my favourite girl, lesley!!

Will definitely miss being cranky with you!!
Loklokkkk, ):

Ogays.. Some pictures up and some still collecting dust in my photobucket.
Tomorrow i will be working at the IT show and im still not sleeping yet.

You can come to the blackberry booth and see a zombie standing there.
That will be me and come and say hi to me k?

HAHAHA, shall measure the clothes for tomorrow’s launch and sleepytime!!




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