Numb and achy legs :(

First day at the IT show was not too bad! ((:
Im glad that it turned out this way.

Just to complain a little that my legs have gone numb and stoney.
I even got a BB torch to use during the show, wheeeee. loving it.

Anyw, im having the blogging hype right now. So i might as well vomit all the photos in my photobucket.

Hahahaha. But not gonna upload all at one go, i have to go to bed after verifying the payments! (:
Long day tomorrow D:

The long waited pixie hem top~
So gorgeous and totally love the cut at the bottom that falls so nicely.

Kept all the colours. I insist. Bwahaha.

Met the boy sometime back at Manhattan fish market for a brunch! 😀
Bad timing to be blogging about food )):

Headed there cause he found out that there is one for one grilled platter for M1 user!
Say yay!

I love love their grilled platter!
It stuffed us to the brim. Please don’t underestimate this tiny looking plate.


For a movie.

I just love to spend a day roaming around with you in my favourite outfit.
Even if we are doing nothing and staring into the space, chasing cars.


Look at those nicely painted blue wallpaper, green bushes and white clouds.
I feel happy when i step into this frolick store to get some yogurt, hahaha.

Was still contemplating whether to go in to sin a little.
But they had our favourite flavour- GRAPE! 😀 😀 😀

Don’t even need to think for a second!! Hahaha. I’d have skip it if it’s in peach flavour :O

Top it up with oreo bits pleaseeeeeeeee!


He is so so tan right now, like my bangladesh boiprend terry ♥♥
Gonna post an updated photo of him. hahaha, so tanned!!


Happy kids.

Yerrrps, talk about this wedges i got for myself sometime ago.
Hahaha, it already look wore out due to mistreatment D:

Am guilty of it.

But hey, it almost make me trip when i was climbing the stairs.
Hahaha, blame it on the fact that im clumsy when im in high heels or platform.



Not early anymore, have been lacking of sleep recently ):
Shall hit the sack soon. ♥


Ask me ant knee tink



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