Wanted to hit the garden slug for the longest time with my furball xiaobai (:
As the restaurant was located around joo chiat, i thought that it might be better if i could drive there.

So when sissy was at Bangkok, i decided to spend my afternoon there (:
Looking forward to the garden slug, however it just disappoint me.

In terms of food and staff.


Pictures first!! ((:


Had quite a hard time locating the place even with the help of my handy *ahem* GPS.

Brought Jess and JT along cause they are having their mid term holiday now!


Say hello to my new Bangladesh boiphrend terry ♥
This boy became so tanned after he came back from his phuket trip!

Hahaha, charcoal.

Dislike menu without pictures, cause we are only left with the description to play with our imagination.
Hahaha, nevertheless we try to play safe and order the chef recommendations! (:


Peach and lychee soda.
Ive got nothing to say about the soda, all i can taste is soda only.

I don’t know what happen to my lychee syrup ):
They are nice to change a new glass of soda for me though.

Bennyboy’s meatball tomato linguine.

Not too bad, just that the homemade meatballs are a little tad too tough.

Please skip this.
Aglio olio style linguine with chicken strips.

D: D:

JT’s orangey flavoured chicken.

No no as well.

Jess’s roasted beef sandwich.
The softest bread recommended by the staff turns out to be hard as well.

Probably we went there at the wrong time/day.
Everything went wrong.

And my verdict is that, most of the pet friendly restaurants don’t serve good food.
I think the best i had was at bishan park? (:

Should head there for a walk with Xb when the renovation is done over there.
So hard to find a decent pet friendly cafe/restaurant nowadays. Suggestions please! ((:

Furball needs some new place to hangout.
Hehehehe, just a short post before posting up my Hongkong travelogue!


Goodnight folksssssss.


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