I’ll love love you tonight.

Back to 2nd day of our HongKong trip!!

Got so many photos but so little time to load time all up to share it on my space.

Counting down to start my school life, less than 30 days, OMFG :O
After 4-5 months of holidays, im so dreadful of the thought of school.

Shall be more positive and embrace SIM!!


TTR’s upcoming off shoulder embroidery blouse.
Versatile and gotta love the front tie tassle! So cuteeeee.

Kept so many clothes for school.
Hehehe, i don’t want to have wardrobe crisis everyday!!

Gonna be such a headache.


Up and on our way for dimsum breakfast!!

😀 😀 😀

To Allied plaza!!

It’s actually located very near to our hotel.
Just a 10mins walk from our mongkok mtr station exit to another B2 exit.

Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant! Located at 3rd floor of the plaza.
We are surprised by the number of people seated at the restaurant.

Cause Allied plaza seem to be so deserted.
We are a little lost about what to do to get seated, but everything went fine and we are seated within 10mins!

Everytime the locals talk to us in cantonese, sissy and i always manage to catch half of what they are saying.
Cantonese always sound so cool.

When im free, i will go watch 10 HK drama series to learn canto!

Sissy taking order, everything is written in chinese.
Traditional chinese writing, super lost touch of chinese ever since O’s.

Duper hungry and it seemed like the food is taking forever to come.

Carrot cake with big chunks of radish.
Cleared half of the plate cause i was damn hungry, even though it’s not very nice ):

The bitter aftertaste of the radish, burps.

Our favourite dish, ranking number one on our dimsum chart.
Chee cheong fan with charsiew!

Didn’t quite like their version as well cause the skin was too thick for my liking.
If not i will have another round of serving! Hahaha, i seriously ate like a glutton when im in HK :p

Har gao and xiaolongbao!
These are niceeeee.

Lotus paste buns.
Totally got cheated, we thought we ordered custard buns.

But they turned out to be lotus buns. Damn sad!!
I was looking forward to try cause i didn’t try it in my entire life before! ):

Siewmai and some beancurd skin roll at the background! (:

Sissy disturbing the two of us with her new G12!

Spot jess in the upcoming TTR’s stripey dress!
Looking good jess 😉

Back to metropark hotel in mongkok and shifted to the one in kowloon!
The room is so much better cause each of our got a bed to ourselves.

Don’t have to squeeze in one queen size bed anymoreeee 😀

Comebuy bubbletea before we move on to langham place!
We saw lots of people queuing for it, and we thought that it would be nice.

So we give it a try! 😀

Happy with their drinks!
Heard that Singapore have an outlet too!

They stated on their board, we still thought that they are lying. Bwahaha. Damn silly.

Splurged at laneige cause everything is so cheap as compared to SG!
Have been using their sleeping waterpack and i love how it hydrates my skin and make me look so radiant the next day 🙂

The salesperson was so good, so sissy ended up buying more and join the membership.
Hahaha, they throw in free gifts like it’s free. Contradict much.

Monki and H&M at Langham place!!
We checked out Jill stuart at their Seibu too.

IM SO IN LOVE with Jill Stuart loose powder and blusher!!
Didn’t regret getting them! Why Singapore doesn’t have Jill stuart counter? )’:

Gonna start worrying when they are going to run out.

Don’t they look so pretty and appetizing?
Had to get them cause they look so good.

Practically telling me to eat them already.

And it tasted as good as it look!
Nicer than beard papa in my opinion!! :O

Or probably i was just hungry. Hehehe.

Dingding bus spotted at The Central!!
Spend super long to take a perfect shots with the bus in the background. Hahahaha.

So sad that they are going to terminate the service soon! ):
They look super cute running on the tracks and wires.

Snap snap and here we are at the largest H&M outlet!!
Spent our evening shopping in this 4 levels of goodness 😀 😀 😀

Didn’t do much research on The Central and we are too drained out after shopping.
So decided to settle our dinner at the Macdonalds right opposite H&M!

Ordred everything that is not available in SG!
Sweet potato pie was surprisingly nice, :O

I was so upset that i couldn’t have my burger with curry sauce cause they don’t have it at HK.
Hence i couldn’t even finish half of my Le Grand.

It tasted like cheese burger though. Just with two different kind of cheese.

Okay, have i bore you much talking about my HK trip?
Hehehe, cause it’s all about shopping and food!!

Spells goooooodnesss 🙂

Shall give in to the sleepy monster and turn in soon!
Goodnight peepos, TGIFFFFFF! ♥

Ask me ant knee tink


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