Set your goals high in the sky, so even when you fall you will land on the stars.


That’s me with my favourite pants in black! (:
Hehehe, the cutting of the pants is soooo flattering and make my legs look slimmer!

Love the pants to bits ♥♥

Didn’t realise till sissy mention that this is our first manufactured pants that is not made of denim! 😀
Definitely cant miss this one!

Little imp loves to disturb when we are preparing to head out.
Without her.

Hahahaha, she hates being alone at home. or worse, with my dad.

/gush to cute iphone4 covers!!
I self made the minnie mouse 3D cover for my phone too!

Hehehe, totally love it cause it’s so cute! Dont cha agree!!
Best loot from Disneyland 😀

And Jess’s gameboy cover! OMG. iphone covers are becoming more and more innovative.
So sad that the ones we buy for the boys are lost on our way by from HK to SG. ):

Heading to PS with sissy and jess! (:
Cause we wanted to buy new lingerine from marks and spencer!
LOVEEE TO BUY NEW LINGERINEEEE. Hahahaha, sounds like a bimbo much.

Re-united with my fellows colleagues too ((:

Late lunch at saybons! (:
Never get sick of their mushroom soup and crepes!
Mad lurvvvvvves  ♥

Im a fan of saybons!

With my geeky looking sissy!
Im getting sick of my side fringe already, get so tempted after seeing steph got her new haircut! :p

It’s good to have a new fresh look. My long hair is getting boring.
Suggestions? 🙂

Ending the post with a picture of my cranky girl.
Being her nerdy self right now, most of her time are studying nowadays.

Jiayou my sissy little girl, don’t stress yourself too much and take more rest! ♥
Xoxo, sissy.


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