Im glad you came.

Glad that my week has been fruitful and packed with activities! (:
So busy till i got no time for my friend who just came back from aussie!

Hopefully i can really find time to meet them this saturday! (:

Thank god for iphone and instragram, ive been taking photos diligently!
Uploading of photos can never be as easy!! 😀

And the best part is……. i don’t have to resize my photos! :p


I love my Jill Stuart’s makeup!
Im glad that the staff chose the right tone of blusher and loose powder for me (:

Really don’t know what to do when they runs out!! ):


Anyw, all the photos are the recollections of what i’ve been doing for the past two months.
Love to take  my OTD more than ever and editing them with special effects!

I promise i will take care of you, sunshine (:

My iphone cover is now in the colour of sunshine!
So shall name it as sunshine.  bwahaha (:


And lastly, sissy was sharing this with me.
The first one is so cute and related!!

Hahaha, who shall be irritate us will enjoy this royal treatment!

I should always remind myself to keep calm as i tend to get panic attacks whenever there is a hiccup.
Totally bad that controlling my brain.


Gotta be up early tomorrow, so y’know what…
TIME FOR BEDDDDD! Wanna dive into my comfy bed so badly and never wakes up :p

(Gotta find sometime to blog about my third day of my HK trip!!)

Toodles!  ♥



Ask me ant knee tink


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