Cranky ol technology

My love hate relationship with technology mannnnn.

Livejournal and photobucket have been so cranky for this entire week!
And realized that we relied so much on technology nowadays.

Without them, we actually feel a little lost at hand. Imagine a day without your smartphone, television, laptops!

Hahahaha. I think people will go crazy without em’!

Anywayyyy, since im finally able to access photobucket, im here to share my friday date! (:

Va va vroom to Old School because
1)Plaza Singapura’s carpark is always full on friday night.
2) We are not quite sure what to eat since there is gonna be long queues everywhere.

It’s a headache to hang out on a friday night isn’t it? ):

But anyway we just thought that maybe we should just drive up and decide where to settle our gumbling stomachs (:

Saw chalk and got tempted to go in!
Hahahaha, but we are gonna save for another day!

Heard that it’s closing down soon, wonder if it’s true? ):

Walked down the super long stretch of stairs, erps.
It’s easy peasy to walk down, but not up.

hahahaha, another good form of exercise after dinner! :p

We happily settled down for Sakae teppanyaki! (:
Cause some peeeepo has been craving for it the longest time!

*wink at sissy*

HAHAHAH. Okay, me too.
Been a zillion years since i had teppanyaki! ^^

Spamage of  food porn!
Heheheh, it’s actually quite a good experience to see a chef cooking in front of you (:

Too bad the serving fed only 1/4 of my boy’s tumtum!
You bet, he is a hungry eating monster. Hahahah.

My most favourite print!
Stripes!! I should just reincarnate into a zebra next life :p

All pictures without thom cause we are all waiting for him!
Taking photos has got to be the best way to kill time! Hahahaha. (:

I look like a shortie beside Ben.
Hahahaha, which is a fact already :O

No wonder he always have to hunch his back, too bad he got a petite girlfriend!! :p

Went to SASA to get my necessities!
Double eyelid tapes! Doubt mine is gonna come out anytime soon anyway ):

Please come out please, my double eyelid.
I had enough of single puffy eyelids! Roarrrr.

Bought the garniger bb eyeroll to save sissy’s and my eye!
Hehehe, totally beyond cure when you know it’s gonna be 2 am and im still typing over here! -_-

Omg, dessert after dinner!!
Hahahaha, we compete and see whose the fastest!

Damnnnnn tiring. Laoniang don’t know how long didn’t exercise already!
Damn unhealthy i know! ):

Heehee, you will be surprise to know whose the last!
Hahahahaha, need more training my soon to be ns boy!!

Drove to our next stop: Salted caramel!! (:
It was a bad bad choice ):

The shop was bustling with people, omg you can’t imagine the noise level inside.
Totally making me headache! D:

Probably not going there anytime soon. Because the icecream is not super nice also, IMO.
Island creamery can do it way better! (:

Got our icecream in double scoops (:
Horlicks tim tam and peanut butter for ben and i.
Horlicks tim tam and salted caramel for sissy and thom!

Now you should derive what flavour you should order if you happen to drop by!
Hahahaha, i thought that salted caramel was a little weird thoughhhhhh.

Not to my liking even though im a caramel fan 😀 😀


I told them that they look disgusting wearing the same colour tone together!
Heeheehee, love to disturb them!

More pictures than words today cause im tired and hitting the sack soon! (:

But before that, how can i forget to post up my OTD!
(I just realised i post it up on the previous post :p)

Memory is failing me oready ):

But here’s another close up!

Looking super bright and happy in the Happy Campers HWS in sunshine! (:
What a good way to start my week!

Had another dosage of sissy and thom that day.
Hahahaha, gonna see them till we puke already.

Shall post up the rest of the photos another day! (:

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At night when the stars light up my room.

Hola holaaaaa,

Im so pissed off with photobucket!! 😦
Wanted to blog eons ago but it was down since friday. What’s wrong with the javascript?!

Anyway, found an alternative way using flickr.
omg, blogging late at night when ive school tomorrow. (D: monday blues)

Shall head to bed once im done typing!


Had a random supper date with Bennyboy at Fat boys!
We had our car parked at thomson plaza and was contemplating where to have supper!

Suddenly thought of seeing Fat boys along the stretch of road so we decided to check it out.
It was located at the far end of upp thomson road, so we took a 10minutes walk to reach eh :p

 Didn’t know it’s pretty far away from thomson plaza!
Ohwell, always thought that it’s good to have a walk after meals. Hahahaha, burn some calories :O


So happy that they are open till 12am!
Kinda like the weekday night, cause there isn’t much crowd.

I love peaceful night supper like this (:
I get to enjoy my night eating burgers and dessert with the latest hits.



Pick the boy up from work, thus the tired face!



I mad love this slouchy pockets top!
Wore it out thrice  within these two weeks! :p



While waiting for the food to comeeeeeee.


We shared a Fat Basterd! (:
Oooooo, we love the juicy beef pattie and the chuncky fries!!

It can be really filling if you are going to finish the entire burger yourself!


The bite sized brownies that came with loads of vanilla icecream.
And i MUST say that their vanilla icecream is one of the best that i had!! 😀 😀 😀

I can see small little dots of vanilla beans that was mixed together with the icecream!
So the taste of the vanilla icecream is like so goooooood, i swearrrr!

But somehow it taste a bit like it’s mixed with alcohol?
I don’t know if it’s just me or what. Hahahah, nice anyway!

Brownie was crunchy on the outside and chewy inside! (:
Very special indeed, enjoy my brownie together with the vanilla icecream, god this is lifeeee.

Hahahaha, i got too excited after posting the picture on my instragram and gobble the whole plate down with loverboy.


HAHAHA, make a quick guess what this ball of fur is!!!!

It’s so ridiculous, hahahaha.

Aftermath of sugar rush. We stick my bunny’s tail on the wall.
Hehehehe, that’s the summary of my supper date last week (:


Some OTD to share before i end my post!
It’s really late and i should be in bed by now.

So i will just share a fewwwww! 😀
My weekend was so fruitful, hehe makes me a happy girl!

Got tons of photos in my SD card and i can’t wait to blog them here -jumps around- :p




OTD  taken by my lovely kat midori.

Hahahaha, damn honoured can?!
Stripey swing dress in grape. I never knew i could carry off a purple dress!
It makes me look fairer and i just didn’t know i actually look good in purple. HAHAHA, like a bhb but i love this shade of purple on meeeeeeee!



And that’s me in the sunshine flare shorts!
-Points at the slouchy pockets top vigorously!-

Hahahaha, Awesome colour combination here! 😀
And now it reminds me that i’ve got to choose my outfit for school tomorrow!

If not i will spend a good 15minutes in my room with my dripping wet hair frantically searching for clothes.

Goodnight pals!
I hope i got no monday blues tomorrow!

Good week ahead!! ♥

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Class excursion!

Having school excursion has got to be one of the memorable activities during those good old times.
Hahaha, sitting on the giant bus that hold a capacity of 40 rowdy kids.

Taking photos with the filmed cameras.
Oh my, look what im doing now.

Like a old person, reminiscing the past. Hahahahah.
Anyway, we all decided to have a excursion last saturday at the zoo! ^^

Never get sick of that place, even though i just went last feb on valentines’ day?
I feel like a kid in myself whenever im in the zoo :p

Catching all the animal shows is definitely one of my favourite thing to do when im at the zoo! 😀

My cute little white bunny cover!
Finally able to find the 3GS version one! I love how the tail acts like a support to my phone.

I would just place it on my desk during lecture or on the cup holders when im working. Hahaha, distracting much.

Read through the map before entering!

Say hello to stoney kat and suan.
Hahahaha, they are having their breakfast and i decided to pop around to disturb! :p

Our barang barangs of the day.
Totally look like tourist. Hahaha, came prepared and all.

Luckily the guys came!
Manslaves. HAHAHA. Kudos to them figuring the map and way out.

Hehehe, don’t know why jon is pointing his finger at me and why suan is looking so happy.
I must be the culprit :O

I must say, the two of them can really click well at the same level of frequency. Hahahaha.

Taking a break after walking more than half of the zoo at the orangutan’s territory.
We all ga and ooh at the baby orangutan! SUPER CUTEEEZ and scrawny looking.


Our last stop at the rainforest kidzword!
Guess what we are queuing for?! 😀 😀 😀

Merry go round, go round and round, round and round.

Childhood favourite! Hahaha, it reminds me of all the drama series i watched too.
The cliche part where the loverbirds had a date at the themepark. Geddit?

Bwahahahaha, so so fun to have a excursion once in a while like this (:

I want somemore somemore somemore!!


Okay, quit being an insane girl and shall share the photos i took this morning with my beloved denim overall. (♥x100000)

Light washed denim overall for a monday morning lecture!
And it really help to chase my monday blues away.

Given the fact that im sleeping at 3am every night. I would normally be grouchy or look like im going to hang any minute.
Guess it gave me the boost this morning! That explain why im still here typing and blabbering away.

Pardon my puffy eyes and face.
It’s freaking 7am when i took this photo!

Hahahaha, probably still in my dreams when i took this.

Match it with a polka dotties tank inside!

You can wear any innerpiece you like!
Or maybe… nothing! woots!

HAHAHA. i better go sleep soon. all the nonsense.

And the old school kind of buckle? omgggg, max love.
I wear XS for this denim overall, comfortable and with allowance to move around in it.

Won’t be able to post my measurements up cause i don’t have a measuring tape with meh!
Oakay, sleepy time!

Im soooooooooo tired ballz. o.o
Eyelids are protesting, goodnight yall!

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Raindrops keep falling on my head

Omg, can i rant???????????
School is sooooooo torturing ):

Even though the lecture is only 3 hours, it’s getting the hell out of me.
Omg, tomorrow 6 hours. I hope i don’t doze off and sleep for the entire lecture!!

Hahahaha, shall prepare lots of sweets to keep me awake tomorrow.
I wanna be a diligent student. HAHAHA.

Anywww, some overdue pictures in my folder.

Things that i do before school starts (:


Bought babygirl out for her regular roadtrip on friday.
Hahahaha, her love and hate relationship with going out.

Love the ribbon mum tied it for her. Instantly became so dainty.

Wore a pink polka dot dress which is supposedly meant for teddy bears, sissy bought it for her!
She is the same size as a teddy 😀

awwwww -melts into a puddle of water-
She is super rowdy on the car, bet she hates car ride!
Maybe car rides give her headache? :O


Friday night= partey night!!
Hahahaha, not at the clubs. But in our office!!

I haven’t really blog about it, so here’s some photos i shall bomb you with!
Sissy and i got high in mood for the past few weeks in preparation of this pretty space.

Everything is so fast, chop sign bam.
Everything is almost in already, I can’t wait to sit down and start working!!

Not to mention that school is draining the most out of me.
Im looking forward to my semester  break in a month’s time!! 🙂


Anywayyyy here’s the attendance of the night:

Suan the hunny bunz.

Thom the choo choo train.

Bennyboy the peanut butter

Kat the midori

Sop the hamster

Jon the chatterbox

Mel the shy kid

And dx our diva!!!
Hahaha, arrive almost an hour later than everyoneeeee!

Food to company us through the night.
So glad that everyone make an effort to join us for the night (:

Mel looks happy whenever there is food~

xiao bai’s boyfriend. Not mine.

Ohhhh, did you see the raindrops wall decals?!?!?!?
I super heart it!!

So cute to the maximum pleaseeeee.
Hahahaha, ALL THANKS TO KATY ♥ muackmuackmuacks.

Yes, now you know our kat is cranky in front of the camera.
hahahahaha, for once she is on the roll.

She totally spam us with all her faces in the camera.
Hahahaha, loveyou anyway 😀

Bought instax films and spam throughout the night so that we can pin it on our board.
Geez, can’t say how much im in  love with polaroids. Too bad they are hard to find nowadays.

Instax will be a good substitute (:

Check out my supposedly dark brown hair????
The person totally dye it black for me! D:


I think i look so funny whenever i see myself in the mirror.
Need sometime to get used to it!

I hate my black hair for the time being!!



These people are really sugar coated.
They bought us gifts too (:



Sop’s plant in a bottle.
It’s so cute, plus it makes our desk look more lively.
check out the rabbits and mushroom in the bottle! ♥

Hahahaha, i told bennyboy to get me a cactus!
I once saw a heartshaped one? So adorable!!

Shall pester him to get me one at the office! :p

Here’s a ultra gigantic post it pad!! (:
From Suan!



From kat (:

(THE RAINDROPS!! And hangers for belts and scarf! ^^)

Cutesy rilakuma desk accessories from mel and jon!

Couldn’t thank them enough for being a part of us (:
Can’t wait to see them next photoshoot already!! Oh that is when my bloody school ends ):

Okay, at least something to look forward to! 😉

What i wore for my first day of school!!
/Boho vibe top in cream
/New future shorts
/ribbon flats


Gotta love the swirly details at the bib area (:
So comfortable in it!

Have to start looking for more comfy wear for school already.
Shall dig for my outfit for tomorrow and head to bed before i dozed off in class again.


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Cant believe how fast time can fly

I can’t believe im actually starting school tomorrow T_T

Im actually going to sit alone in the cold and stale lecture theatre once again.
Attending three hours of lectures.



Oh well, i had fun and enjoyed myself these few months.
Getting closer to my TTR team and know the operations better, (Heheheh, you must be thinking why im not clearing emails right, cause gmail is down. goes a little cranky on me now. Hence this short and ranting post).

Hopefully i will have more time to help out when everything is settled at the end of the month. (:

Alrighty, wish me luck for school tomorrow!!
It will be a better day 😉


A day out with bennypeanutbutternomnom

Bad news!!

I got eye infection.. due to improper care of my contacts i guess.

I’ve been wearing contact lens for the past seven years and my eyes are totally perfect under my care.
Hahahaha, probably it’s the lens i bought from HK giving me problems ):

Have been wearing specs out for the past few days and i totally feel like a N.E.R.D
Couldn’t even recognize my reflection or bother to look in the mirror.

My over reliance on contacts ):

So this is my first ever seen the light photo of me wearing my geeky specs!

Anywayyyyy, date out with bennypeanutbutternomnomz!
Despite being busy with our own work, we would always make an effort to take a day off to head out and reward ourselves with good food 😉

Pull the Lipstick pink chiffon culottes outta the pile of clothes.
FYI: my house has a lot of piles of clothes lying around, aint easy to find the clothes you want yooooo.

Hahaha, Sissy named it lipstick pink cause she said this is the exact shade of mac lipstick she has been finding.
Cute anyway, i personally love this shade of pink plus the fact that we don’t have much coloured bottoms in our wardrobe! (:

So this is something newwwwww 😀

Had a hard time choosing what colours to pick!!
I forbid sissy to keep more than 4 colours cause our wardrobe can’t take it no more!

Heheheh  eviltwinsister :p



Match it with my all time favourite Morning breeze chiffon shrug in black!! ♥

Anyway, lug three big bags of clothes and parcel to the car all by myself.
I should learn how to make use of my boyfriend to be my manservant huh.

Hahahaha, i told Ben that i can handle myself so that he don’t need to make a trip down to my place.
But oh well, if he did he probably came because of my little furball babygirl xiaobai 😀

Grew some muscles in the progress.

Reward for dropping stocks at KJ yesterday!
A venti strawberry cream with banana soy muffin ^^

I love love their chocolate chip muffin so much.
But have no idea why they don’t have it anymore, all i see in the cake fridge is double chocolate muffin ):


Strawberry cream with soy milk (FAVFAVFAVOURITE!)
But i would choose green tea cream with soy over this!!

Favourite boy 😀
In the end his punishment was to bring the two bags of stocks from the carpark to KJ.

Let him off way too easy, hahahaha :p

I look like a n.e.rd.
Hahahaha. oh well, i do look like that when im homed.

Just feel weird when i wear it out of my house.
Please get well soon, left eye o.o

Last picture of this gorgeous shade of peeeekin!
Shall add more photos in if i got the time tomorrow, which i doubt so ):

Look at the ungodly time now, ive got work in the morning tomorrow!!
4 more hours of sleep.

Well, goodnight then!!
/zoom off to bed ……………..

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Keep calm and have a cupcake

Met my girls at Boon Tat Street, VANILLA BAR & CAFE just a few hours ago! (:
It’s been eons since i meet them, thanks to my busy schedule.  *Super guilty*

 The place is tucked at the corner of the street, away from the busy CBD area.
Peaceful and quiet to spend your afternoon away with your girls (:

Amazed how there is vanilla scent in the cafe (:
Smells sooooo good.

The ambiance and music was great for a Saturday noon.

My chocolate molten cake with vanilla icecream.
I thought that TCC’s has got better chocolate molten cake!!

I got pretty sick halfway through my cake D:

Camomile, honey and vanilla tea ♥

My aussie girl is back for her Summer holidays!! (:

Sunny ho and

Sunny is a fan of curry, so curry chicken for her late lunch again.

Rebec’s Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich.
This was pretty good! (:

Sticky toffee pudding!
I like this over my chocolate molten cake!

This is yumyumsssss!

Spend our entire noon in the cafe, having girls talk. /aka gossips.

They are so accomodating, i wish i have 48 hours a day so that i have more time for yall! ♥
Hopefully we are going to meet up next week again for good food!

Sunny ho and rebec’s forte, treasure hunt for good place and food! (:

There is something that i seriously can’t stand it. ):
My black rooooots!

OMG, they look so fugly!!
I swear im gonna dig out some time to get it fix!

Dislike seeing two colour tone on my hair. Urgh.

Gotta love G12 swivel screen! (:
Took more photos before we head home.

Sometimes, it just amaze me how we have endless of topics to talk about.
Hanging out and make time for each other despite our busy schedules.

Friends like that are gems in my treasure box. ♥
Cant wait to see them next week already!! (:

Anyway, did you spot my peterpan collar top?
If you did, you are super observant!! :p

Wore it out to meet my girls cause i thought that it would be a good choice for a Saturday girls date (:
And i was right, I feel so comfortable in it for the entire noon despite the horrible weather.

Seriously, i feel as if i am melting under the sun!  D:

Lovelove the scallop hem with black trimming for the cream!

Match it with the Summer flirt skirt in nautical blue (:
Wore this out 3 times already cause it’s so easy to match with!!

Just throw on any bottoms with it and you are good to go.

They are selling like hotcakes at our KissJane rack!
So be sure to catch our launch tomorrow night and grab a piece for yourself if you are eyeing on it already 😀

Keyword: Grab!

Hahahaha, remember fastest finger first.
So start practising now darlings! (:

Have a goodnight!

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