Keep calm and have a cupcake

Met my girls at Boon Tat Street, VANILLA BAR & CAFE just a few hours ago! (:
It’s been eons since i meet them, thanks to my busy schedule.  *Super guilty*

 The place is tucked at the corner of the street, away from the busy CBD area.
Peaceful and quiet to spend your afternoon away with your girls (:

Amazed how there is vanilla scent in the cafe (:
Smells sooooo good.

The ambiance and music was great for a Saturday noon.

My chocolate molten cake with vanilla icecream.
I thought that TCC’s has got better chocolate molten cake!!

I got pretty sick halfway through my cake D:

Camomile, honey and vanilla tea ♥

My aussie girl is back for her Summer holidays!! (:

Sunny ho and

Sunny is a fan of curry, so curry chicken for her late lunch again.

Rebec’s Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich.
This was pretty good! (:

Sticky toffee pudding!
I like this over my chocolate molten cake!

This is yumyumsssss!

Spend our entire noon in the cafe, having girls talk. /aka gossips.

They are so accomodating, i wish i have 48 hours a day so that i have more time for yall! ♥
Hopefully we are going to meet up next week again for good food!

Sunny ho and rebec’s forte, treasure hunt for good place and food! (:

There is something that i seriously can’t stand it. ):
My black rooooots!

OMG, they look so fugly!!
I swear im gonna dig out some time to get it fix!

Dislike seeing two colour tone on my hair. Urgh.

Gotta love G12 swivel screen! (:
Took more photos before we head home.

Sometimes, it just amaze me how we have endless of topics to talk about.
Hanging out and make time for each other despite our busy schedules.

Friends like that are gems in my treasure box. ♥
Cant wait to see them next week already!! (:

Anyway, did you spot my peterpan collar top?
If you did, you are super observant!! :p

Wore it out to meet my girls cause i thought that it would be a good choice for a Saturday girls date (:
And i was right, I feel so comfortable in it for the entire noon despite the horrible weather.

Seriously, i feel as if i am melting under the sun!  D:

Lovelove the scallop hem with black trimming for the cream!

Match it with the Summer flirt skirt in nautical blue (:
Wore this out 3 times already cause it’s so easy to match with!!

Just throw on any bottoms with it and you are good to go.

They are selling like hotcakes at our KissJane rack!
So be sure to catch our launch tomorrow night and grab a piece for yourself if you are eyeing on it already 😀

Keyword: Grab!

Hahahaha, remember fastest finger first.
So start practising now darlings! (:

Have a goodnight!

Ask me ant knee tink


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