A day out with bennypeanutbutternomnom

Bad news!!

I got eye infection.. due to improper care of my contacts i guess.

I’ve been wearing contact lens for the past seven years and my eyes are totally perfect under my care.
Hahahaha, probably it’s the lens i bought from HK giving me problems ):

Have been wearing specs out for the past few days and i totally feel like a N.E.R.D
Couldn’t even recognize my reflection or bother to look in the mirror.

My over reliance on contacts ):

So this is my first ever seen the light photo of me wearing my geeky specs!

Anywayyyyy, date out with bennypeanutbutternomnomz!
Despite being busy with our own work, we would always make an effort to take a day off to head out and reward ourselves with good food 😉

Pull the Lipstick pink chiffon culottes outta the pile of clothes.
FYI: my house has a lot of piles of clothes lying around, aint easy to find the clothes you want yooooo.

Hahaha, Sissy named it lipstick pink cause she said this is the exact shade of mac lipstick she has been finding.
Cute anyway, i personally love this shade of pink plus the fact that we don’t have much coloured bottoms in our wardrobe! (:

So this is something newwwwww 😀

Had a hard time choosing what colours to pick!!
I forbid sissy to keep more than 4 colours cause our wardrobe can’t take it no more!

Heheheh  eviltwinsister :p



Match it with my all time favourite Morning breeze chiffon shrug in black!! ♥

Anyway, lug three big bags of clothes and parcel to the car all by myself.
I should learn how to make use of my boyfriend to be my manservant huh.

Hahahaha, i told Ben that i can handle myself so that he don’t need to make a trip down to my place.
But oh well, if he did he probably came because of my little furball babygirl xiaobai 😀

Grew some muscles in the progress.

Reward for dropping stocks at KJ yesterday!
A venti strawberry cream with banana soy muffin ^^

I love love their chocolate chip muffin so much.
But have no idea why they don’t have it anymore, all i see in the cake fridge is double chocolate muffin ):


Strawberry cream with soy milk (FAVFAVFAVOURITE!)
But i would choose green tea cream with soy over this!!

Favourite boy 😀
In the end his punishment was to bring the two bags of stocks from the carpark to KJ.

Let him off way too easy, hahahaha :p

I look like a n.e.rd.
Hahahaha. oh well, i do look like that when im homed.

Just feel weird when i wear it out of my house.
Please get well soon, left eye o.o

Last picture of this gorgeous shade of peeeekin!
Shall add more photos in if i got the time tomorrow, which i doubt so ):

Look at the ungodly time now, ive got work in the morning tomorrow!!
4 more hours of sleep.

Well, goodnight then!!
/zoom off to bed ……………..

Ask me ant knee tink



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