Raindrops keep falling on my head

Omg, can i rant???????????
School is sooooooo torturing ):

Even though the lecture is only 3 hours, it’s getting the hell out of me.
Omg, tomorrow 6 hours. I hope i don’t doze off and sleep for the entire lecture!!

Hahahaha, shall prepare lots of sweets to keep me awake tomorrow.
I wanna be a diligent student. HAHAHA.

Anywww, some overdue pictures in my folder.

Things that i do before school starts (:


Bought babygirl out for her regular roadtrip on friday.
Hahahaha, her love and hate relationship with going out.

Love the ribbon mum tied it for her. Instantly became so dainty.

Wore a pink polka dot dress which is supposedly meant for teddy bears, sissy bought it for her!
She is the same size as a teddy 😀

awwwww -melts into a puddle of water-
She is super rowdy on the car, bet she hates car ride!
Maybe car rides give her headache? :O


Friday night= partey night!!
Hahahaha, not at the clubs. But in our office!!

I haven’t really blog about it, so here’s some photos i shall bomb you with!
Sissy and i got high in mood for the past few weeks in preparation of this pretty space.

Everything is so fast, chop sign bam.
Everything is almost in already, I can’t wait to sit down and start working!!

Not to mention that school is draining the most out of me.
Im looking forward to my semester  break in a month’s time!! 🙂


Anywayyyy here’s the attendance of the night:

Suan the hunny bunz.

Thom the choo choo train.

Bennyboy the peanut butter

Kat the midori

Sop the hamster

Jon the chatterbox

Mel the shy kid

And dx our diva!!!
Hahaha, arrive almost an hour later than everyoneeeee!

Food to company us through the night.
So glad that everyone make an effort to join us for the night (:

Mel looks happy whenever there is food~

xiao bai’s boyfriend. Not mine.

Ohhhh, did you see the raindrops wall decals?!?!?!?
I super heart it!!

So cute to the maximum pleaseeeee.
Hahahaha, ALL THANKS TO KATY ♥ muackmuackmuacks.

Yes, now you know our kat is cranky in front of the camera.
hahahahaha, for once she is on the roll.

She totally spam us with all her faces in the camera.
Hahahaha, loveyou anyway 😀

Bought instax films and spam throughout the night so that we can pin it on our board.
Geez, can’t say how much im in  love with polaroids. Too bad they are hard to find nowadays.

Instax will be a good substitute (:

Check out my supposedly dark brown hair????
The person totally dye it black for me! D:


I think i look so funny whenever i see myself in the mirror.
Need sometime to get used to it!

I hate my black hair for the time being!!



These people are really sugar coated.
They bought us gifts too (:



Sop’s plant in a bottle.
It’s so cute, plus it makes our desk look more lively.
check out the rabbits and mushroom in the bottle! ♥

Hahahaha, i told bennyboy to get me a cactus!
I once saw a heartshaped one? So adorable!!

Shall pester him to get me one at the office! :p

Here’s a ultra gigantic post it pad!! (:
From Suan!



From kat (:

(THE RAINDROPS!! And hangers for belts and scarf! ^^)

Cutesy rilakuma desk accessories from mel and jon!

Couldn’t thank them enough for being a part of us (:
Can’t wait to see them next photoshoot already!! Oh that is when my bloody school ends ):

Okay, at least something to look forward to! 😉

What i wore for my first day of school!!
/Boho vibe top in cream
/New future shorts
/ribbon flats


Gotta love the swirly details at the bib area (:
So comfortable in it!

Have to start looking for more comfy wear for school already.
Shall dig for my outfit for tomorrow and head to bed before i dozed off in class again.


Ask me ant knee tink


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