Class excursion!

Having school excursion has got to be one of the memorable activities during those good old times.
Hahaha, sitting on the giant bus that hold a capacity of 40 rowdy kids.

Taking photos with the filmed cameras.
Oh my, look what im doing now.

Like a old person, reminiscing the past. Hahahahah.
Anyway, we all decided to have a excursion last saturday at the zoo! ^^

Never get sick of that place, even though i just went last feb on valentines’ day?
I feel like a kid in myself whenever im in the zoo :p

Catching all the animal shows is definitely one of my favourite thing to do when im at the zoo! 😀

My cute little white bunny cover!
Finally able to find the 3GS version one! I love how the tail acts like a support to my phone.

I would just place it on my desk during lecture or on the cup holders when im working. Hahaha, distracting much.

Read through the map before entering!

Say hello to stoney kat and suan.
Hahahaha, they are having their breakfast and i decided to pop around to disturb! :p

Our barang barangs of the day.
Totally look like tourist. Hahaha, came prepared and all.

Luckily the guys came!
Manslaves. HAHAHA. Kudos to them figuring the map and way out.

Hehehe, don’t know why jon is pointing his finger at me and why suan is looking so happy.
I must be the culprit :O

I must say, the two of them can really click well at the same level of frequency. Hahahaha.

Taking a break after walking more than half of the zoo at the orangutan’s territory.
We all ga and ooh at the baby orangutan! SUPER CUTEEEZ and scrawny looking.


Our last stop at the rainforest kidzword!
Guess what we are queuing for?! 😀 😀 😀

Merry go round, go round and round, round and round.

Childhood favourite! Hahaha, it reminds me of all the drama series i watched too.
The cliche part where the loverbirds had a date at the themepark. Geddit?

Bwahahahaha, so so fun to have a excursion once in a while like this (:

I want somemore somemore somemore!!


Okay, quit being an insane girl and shall share the photos i took this morning with my beloved denim overall. (♥x100000)

Light washed denim overall for a monday morning lecture!
And it really help to chase my monday blues away.

Given the fact that im sleeping at 3am every night. I would normally be grouchy or look like im going to hang any minute.
Guess it gave me the boost this morning! That explain why im still here typing and blabbering away.

Pardon my puffy eyes and face.
It’s freaking 7am when i took this photo!

Hahahaha, probably still in my dreams when i took this.

Match it with a polka dotties tank inside!

You can wear any innerpiece you like!
Or maybe… nothing! woots!

HAHAHA. i better go sleep soon. all the nonsense.

And the old school kind of buckle? omgggg, max love.
I wear XS for this denim overall, comfortable and with allowance to move around in it.

Won’t be able to post my measurements up cause i don’t have a measuring tape with meh!
Oakay, sleepy time!

Im soooooooooo tired ballz. o.o
Eyelids are protesting, goodnight yall!

Ask me ant knee tink


2 Comments on “Class excursion!”

  1. eunice says:

    Hi! where did you get the picnic basket from?

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