At night when the stars light up my room.

Hola holaaaaa,

Im so pissed off with photobucket!! 😦
Wanted to blog eons ago but it was down since friday. What’s wrong with the javascript?!

Anyway, found an alternative way using flickr.
omg, blogging late at night when ive school tomorrow. (D: monday blues)

Shall head to bed once im done typing!


Had a random supper date with Bennyboy at Fat boys!
We had our car parked at thomson plaza and was contemplating where to have supper!

Suddenly thought of seeing Fat boys along the stretch of road so we decided to check it out.
It was located at the far end of upp thomson road, so we took a 10minutes walk to reach eh :p

 Didn’t know it’s pretty far away from thomson plaza!
Ohwell, always thought that it’s good to have a walk after meals. Hahahaha, burn some calories :O


So happy that they are open till 12am!
Kinda like the weekday night, cause there isn’t much crowd.

I love peaceful night supper like this (:
I get to enjoy my night eating burgers and dessert with the latest hits.



Pick the boy up from work, thus the tired face!



I mad love this slouchy pockets top!
Wore it out thrice  within these two weeks! :p



While waiting for the food to comeeeeeee.


We shared a Fat Basterd! (:
Oooooo, we love the juicy beef pattie and the chuncky fries!!

It can be really filling if you are going to finish the entire burger yourself!


The bite sized brownies that came with loads of vanilla icecream.
And i MUST say that their vanilla icecream is one of the best that i had!! 😀 😀 😀

I can see small little dots of vanilla beans that was mixed together with the icecream!
So the taste of the vanilla icecream is like so goooooood, i swearrrr!

But somehow it taste a bit like it’s mixed with alcohol?
I don’t know if it’s just me or what. Hahahah, nice anyway!

Brownie was crunchy on the outside and chewy inside! (:
Very special indeed, enjoy my brownie together with the vanilla icecream, god this is lifeeee.

Hahahaha, i got too excited after posting the picture on my instragram and gobble the whole plate down with loverboy.


HAHAHA, make a quick guess what this ball of fur is!!!!

It’s so ridiculous, hahahaha.

Aftermath of sugar rush. We stick my bunny’s tail on the wall.
Hehehehe, that’s the summary of my supper date last week (:


Some OTD to share before i end my post!
It’s really late and i should be in bed by now.

So i will just share a fewwwww! 😀
My weekend was so fruitful, hehe makes me a happy girl!

Got tons of photos in my SD card and i can’t wait to blog them here -jumps around- :p




OTD  taken by my lovely kat midori.

Hahahaha, damn honoured can?!
Stripey swing dress in grape. I never knew i could carry off a purple dress!
It makes me look fairer and i just didn’t know i actually look good in purple. HAHAHA, like a bhb but i love this shade of purple on meeeeeeee!



And that’s me in the sunshine flare shorts!
-Points at the slouchy pockets top vigorously!-

Hahahaha, Awesome colour combination here! 😀
And now it reminds me that i’ve got to choose my outfit for school tomorrow!

If not i will spend a good 15minutes in my room with my dripping wet hair frantically searching for clothes.

Goodnight pals!
I hope i got no monday blues tomorrow!

Good week ahead!! ♥

Ask me ant knee tink


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