Cranky ol technology

My love hate relationship with technology mannnnn.

Livejournal and photobucket have been so cranky for this entire week!
And realized that we relied so much on technology nowadays.

Without them, we actually feel a little lost at hand. Imagine a day without your smartphone, television, laptops!

Hahahaha. I think people will go crazy without em’!

Anywayyyy, since im finally able to access photobucket, im here to share my friday date! (:

Va va vroom to Old School because
1)Plaza Singapura’s carpark is always full on friday night.
2) We are not quite sure what to eat since there is gonna be long queues everywhere.

It’s a headache to hang out on a friday night isn’t it? ):

But anyway we just thought that maybe we should just drive up and decide where to settle our gumbling stomachs (:

Saw chalk and got tempted to go in!
Hahahaha, but we are gonna save for another day!

Heard that it’s closing down soon, wonder if it’s true? ):

Walked down the super long stretch of stairs, erps.
It’s easy peasy to walk down, but not up.

hahahaha, another good form of exercise after dinner! :p

We happily settled down for Sakae teppanyaki! (:
Cause some peeeepo has been craving for it the longest time!

*wink at sissy*

HAHAHAH. Okay, me too.
Been a zillion years since i had teppanyaki! ^^

Spamage of  food porn!
Heheheh, it’s actually quite a good experience to see a chef cooking in front of you (:

Too bad the serving fed only 1/4 of my boy’s tumtum!
You bet, he is a hungry eating monster. Hahahah.

My most favourite print!
Stripes!! I should just reincarnate into a zebra next life :p

All pictures without thom cause we are all waiting for him!
Taking photos has got to be the best way to kill time! Hahahaha. (:

I look like a shortie beside Ben.
Hahahaha, which is a fact already :O

No wonder he always have to hunch his back, too bad he got a petite girlfriend!! :p

Went to SASA to get my necessities!
Double eyelid tapes! Doubt mine is gonna come out anytime soon anyway ):

Please come out please, my double eyelid.
I had enough of single puffy eyelids! Roarrrr.

Bought the garniger bb eyeroll to save sissy’s and my eye!
Hehehe, totally beyond cure when you know it’s gonna be 2 am and im still typing over here! -_-

Omg, dessert after dinner!!
Hahahaha, we compete and see whose the fastest!

Damnnnnn tiring. Laoniang don’t know how long didn’t exercise already!
Damn unhealthy i know! ):

Heehee, you will be surprise to know whose the last!
Hahahahaha, need more training my soon to be ns boy!!

Drove to our next stop: Salted caramel!! (:
It was a bad bad choice ):

The shop was bustling with people, omg you can’t imagine the noise level inside.
Totally making me headache! D:

Probably not going there anytime soon. Because the icecream is not super nice also, IMO.
Island creamery can do it way better! (:

Got our icecream in double scoops (:
Horlicks tim tam and peanut butter for ben and i.
Horlicks tim tam and salted caramel for sissy and thom!

Now you should derive what flavour you should order if you happen to drop by!
Hahahaha, i thought that salted caramel was a little weird thoughhhhhh.

Not to my liking even though im a caramel fan 😀 😀


I told them that they look disgusting wearing the same colour tone together!
Heeheehee, love to disturb them!

More pictures than words today cause im tired and hitting the sack soon! (:

But before that, how can i forget to post up my OTD!
(I just realised i post it up on the previous post :p)

Memory is failing me oready ):

But here’s another close up!

Looking super bright and happy in the Happy Campers HWS in sunshine! (:
What a good way to start my week!

Had another dosage of sissy and thom that day.
Hahahaha, gonna see them till we puke already.

Shall post up the rest of the photos another day! (:

Ask me ant knee tink


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